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   Chapter 112 Aren't You Going To Take A Shower

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Violet suddenly realized that she had been guessing, she thought the real Terence how bad. But actually, she didn't know him well, so how could she guess lightly.

Guessing was just a objective conclusion, which had nothing to do with the fact.

His explanation was still going on.

"They came to City B to cooperate with the An group. But this woman has a complicated past. She will never treat a person well for no reason. So don't believe in luck. Stay away from her. "

Terence completely told Violet about Michiko's background. The detailed explanation made Violet doubt that this man was still the same man as she knew?

How could he be so considerate? He should have been domineering, regardless of other's choice.

"I won't go to her again. In fact, our conversation was different last night. If it hadn't been for this, we wouldn't have seen each other." Violet was aware of Terence's changes. She thought that Terence didn't have to worry about her since she was honest with herself.

However, she did not say anything about the affair between Emily and Michiko. After all, the affair between the two families of the prior generation could not be intervened by the younger generation.

Terence doubtfully looked at her, and saw her attitude was normal and her tone was peaceful. Only then did he slightly believe her.

When he saw the ring on her finger, he was in a good mood, even with a smile around the corners of his eyes.

Violet certainly sensed the sudden burst of happiness from Terence. She didn't know why he was so happy, but obviously it was because of her.

She came back home again. It was only one day, but Violet felt that it had been a long time. The happiness of the survivor from disaster was stronger than before. At this moment, she suddenly felt a little greedy for her parents.

Terence went to the bathroom. Violet was a little nervous in the room.

Although she had thought a lot, those fear still unconsciously emerged in the face of the space where she were alone. After all, she had never imagined that Terence would be so crazy.

It took her a long time to accept this fact. She didn'

d you scream? It's only one day!'

Her belly kept screaming seemed that it was against her.

Fortunately, Terence did not laugh at her.

Violet raised her head and glanced at Terence out of the corner of her eye. But she found that he wasn't joking. He didn't even look at her. His expression as if she was a dirty thing.

This made her uneasy again. Violet sat down carefully. She was hungry, but she had no appetite.

"Why don't you eat more?" Said Terence. Violet raised her head and saw his worried face. She shook her head and continued to eat with chopsticks.

Now, she was full. Such a petit girl as she was, she ate three bowls of rice in a row, which made Terence glanced at her. But thinking of the fact that she hadn't eaten for a whole day, Terence swallowed his doubt back.

Violet didn't expect herself to eat so much as well. She just took action unconsciously when she saw the worry in Terence's eyes.

After dinner, she lay prone on the sofa, her stomach rumbling loudly. But this time, it was not because of hungry but of too full.

Terence gave her some medicine and after taking it, she gradually felt better. They lied on the bed, staring at each other. Suddenly, Terence sat up.

The alarm rang all over Violet's mind. When they were together, the thing she feared most would happen!

Terence silently touched Violet's face. Her heart trembled with fear, but she managed to hold it back.

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