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   Chapter 111 Terence's explanation

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Terence carried her all the way to the car and began to check if she was hurt.

"I'm fine," Violet said hurriedly.

But Terence ignored what she said. He untied her coat to make sure there was no injury on her body. Then he took off his coat and put it on her.

Violet looked up and saw the cold face of Terence. She dared not say anything.

"I'm sorry," she apologized timidly, for fear that she would displease Terence.

The fear she had when she was with the man just now only made her want to resist. But when she faced with Terence, she was too scared to resist. On the contrary, she faintly gave in.

Terence wrapped her up and sat back with a cold face.

Actually, Violet wanted to tell him that she didn't feel cold as the heating in the car was on. Now that she was wrapped in so many heavy clothes that she felt so hot. She was worried that she might get heat rash.

But when she saw the cold expression on Terence's face, she held back all the words. She could say nothing, but she had to say something about Michiko.

Perhaps, Michiko was waiting for them to rescue her.

"Terence, aunt Michiko is upstairs. You've met her last time. Can you send someone to save her?"

She expressed her idea sheepishly, her tone mixed with anxiety and fear.

Finally, Terence turned to look at her. His expression was complicated, cold, angry and endless worry.

At this moment, although she had thousands of words to say, she couldn't say a word. Something called 'self-esteem' was gradually collapsed in her heart. She suddenly wondered, how important was his past in the face of such a man who was so worried about her?

Terence sighed, with only anger left in his eyes.

"Don't forget, Violet. I will spare no efforts to protect you as long as I am alive. So, never think about hurting yourself. You need to protect yourself."

His eyes were filled with tears. It was his deep love for her. His tone was obviously at the climax of his anger. Yet, Violet felt his concern and care. It turned out that he was not angry with her about her running away from home, but with her failing to protect herself.


a different connection. She thought that some of her views were gradually collapsed. And there were new expectations waiting for her.

"Stay away from that woman." Terence broke the gentle atmosphere. His tone was kind of gentle as he ordered.

Violet was going to refute, but when she thought of what happened just now, she couldn't help being gentler.

"I... Okay." She knew what he meant. At such a critical moment, the sudden appearance of him gave her great comfort. She would be a fool if she still couldn't figure out what he was thinking.

Terence took time to look at her, probably because he did not think that the little kitten, who had always been sharp with its claws, would become so lovely.

Violet was confused by his look and curled her lips unnaturally.

"She is the wife of the director of the Japanese Purified Company, which is actually an agency that started from underground deals, covered by the identity of a businessman," looking straight ahead, Terence explained.

Violet was so shocked. She couldn't believe that such a soft woman was the wife of the director of that company, and those people respected very much. She seemed to be very powerful.

At the same time, she understood why those people used guns. If it wasn't for Terence's explanation, she would mistakenly think that those men were brought by him. In this case, the misunderstanding between them would be deeper.

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