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   Chapter 110 See Him In Mortal Danger Without Lifting A Finger To Save Him

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It could be seen that the owner of this room was an influential among the people in the organization.

She got out of bed slowly and walked quietly to the door. She pushed the door slightly and it opened.

She held back the ecstasy in her heart and cautiously looked out. Outside was no longer a dark factory building, but a wide cement road, which extended to unknown direction. Next to her was a tall building. Violet raised her head and looked into the building. To her surprise, she saw the room which the window was nailed by plank.

In other words, they were locked upstairs just now, and she was outside of it at this moment unexpectedly.

Violet suddenly realized that if she ran away now, it was very likely that she would succeed. However, she also realized that Michiko upstairs had fallen into a coma. If she escaped, what was waiting for Michiko?

A woman's feeling was really a terrible thing. Almost instinctively, she turned around. Her heart skipped a beat.

A man of medium height and black overcoat was staring at her.

That was to say, the man had never left the room. And he watched all her actions.

Compared to her vigilance, the man looked relaxed. He approached her step by step, with an inexplicable evil smile on his face.

Violet's brain was running rapidly. She rushed out of the house as fast as she could, but was pulled back by the man. He grabbed her hair from the back and pulled her back.

The great pain and unspeakable fear almost crashed her.

The man directly pulled her onto the bed. It was soft, but in the eyes of Violet, it was as hard as the cold ground.

"Little beauty, I know you are pretending to be asleep." The man revealed her secret relentlessly. He was not angry at all. On the contrary, he got closer to her with great interest.

She had huddled herself up in the wall corner and put forth her strength with the knife in her hand. She tried to calm down and stared into his eyes. She was ready to stab there at the critical moment.

"Since you know I am pretending to be asleep, why don't you expose me?"

leader, Violet could not help but burst into tears.

"Terence, Terence..."

Terence pulled her up, but she was in his arms right away and murmured. The woman's murmuring reached the bottom of his heart. How he wished he could hold his wife in his arms and stay away from all these mess, but it was not over.

"Don't be afraid. I'm here," He patted on her shoulder and comforted her softly.

His voice was soothing. As her voice faded away, she came back to her senses and realized what had happened.

Terence lifted her up and walked out of the bloody room carefully.

"Oh my God... Ah..." The man who was cut by Violet couldn't help screaming after being kicked a few times.

Terence said a few Japanese words, and the man was immediately brought out.

It was not until then that Violet noticed several men standing beside Terence. She had never seen them before. They dressed in black suits and wearing black sunglasses. It was hard to see their eyes clearly, but Violet could feel the chill from their eyes.

She had never had such suffocating feeling, even on Terence.

Speaking of Japanese, which made her remembered Michiko, she told Terence the location of Michiko, but he just nodded without saying anything.

Thinking of what she had suffered this time, Violet bowed her head chicken-heartedly. If she hadn't been self-willed, this would not have happened.

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