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   Chapter 108 An Awful Mother-In-Law

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Thinking that this was the temporary room that Mr. Stephen wanted, so it was appropriate to arrange it.

There was no doubt that Emily was familiar with Matsumoto Michiko. But if they were friends, which needed to be verified. Especially the words left by Emily before he left, which was too unpredictable.

In her eyes, Michiko was a very smart and beautiful woman. How could an elegant woman like her would do harm to others?

Michiko to China more than 30 years ago. If she returned to China after she went abroad after studying, then she hadn't seen Emily for more than 20 years. What kind of reason made Mrs. Emily say so? Even after so many years, her memory was still as fresh as before.

Violet was only curious about Michiko for a while. Now that she was also busy enough with her own things, how could she have the time to care about other people's business?

However, there was something that she could not ignore as long as she did not want to.

After Michiko returned to the room, through the cat's eye, Violet saw two men sneaking around the door of the room. They talked about something with each other and pressed their ears against the door. They nodded to each other and then left.

Before leaving, they took a glance at the Violet's room. Violet almost thought she was discovered if she wasn't blocked by the door. Fortunately, they left at one glance.

But their actions remained in her heart, and she couldn't get over it for a long time.

Whether it was the appearance of Mrs. Emily or the approaching of two strange men, both of them were told Violet that Michiko was not so safe. The sight of two men standing there with a grave expression made people uneasy.

Violet knocked on the door of Michiko's room. When she saw it was Violet standing outside, Michiko just smiled and nodded, without a look of surprise.

"Aunt Michiko, there were two strange men wandering around your room just now. Are your friends coming to see you?" Violet came straight to the point and reminded kindly.

Violet told her what the tw

as ice. She glanced at Violet and said with a puzzled face, "In fact, I am very curious why she would choose you as her daughter-in-law."

"What do you mean?" Violet had turned on the defense system all over her body, and she stared at Michiko tightly. It was her fault. In a situation where she didn't know the background of the opposite side, she was self-approbation.

Michiko didn't stop smiling. She played the goblet in her hand with great interest and said with a soft voice, "Perhaps you don't know that, with her arrogance, she is destined to choose a daughter-in-law with no family background. But you are an exception. " She pointed at Violet with a disdainful look.

Violet frowned. She opened the door and said, "Aunt Michiko, I made a mistake to invite you in. It's getting late. I'm going to bed. " Violet didn't even try to hide her unhappy, which even made Michiko unable to keep a smile face.

Michiko shrugged her shoulders, looking very helpless. But according to the master's order, there was no reason for the guest to stay here any longer. Michiko walked to the door, but suddenly stopped.

"Violet, I'm not picking on you. As you can see, she is never polite to me. To be honest, few people have dared to threaten me these years. " Michiko said sincerely, in a helpless tone. Grief rose again. This time, Violet did not hide anything.

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