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   Chapter 107 Don't Come Back And Hurt Anyone

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Jordan was a playboy and had a lot of girlfriends. When did he accept a girl as his girlfriend? Among all those women, Isla was the only one who was eye-catching. Maranda didn't expect that she would be called "ex-girlfriend" within just a few days. Now that Isla was his ex-girlfriend, why did Jordan still want to flirt with her?

Seeing that Maranda was just joking, Jordan remembered what he was feeling when he posted it on WeChat. His face darkened, and his tone was harsh.

"What's the matter with you? After Mary go abroad, and it seems that you are indulged in dissipation. "

If Jordan had been said to be entangled with women, Maranda would never be entangled with any woman. In these years, Maranda had a lot of women going out with him. But neither of them could stay with him for three days. In Maranda own words, "Young people should enjoy life."

Such a beast!

Jordan thought, 'How could he do that to so many girls? '.

Although Jordan himself was not an excellent man, he just didn't like others do that.

A man like Maranda was instantly captured by a woman, that kind of a woman. Jordan had thought that Maranda was giving up because of her, but it turned out that it was not the right time.

Speaking of this, Maranda was suddenly out of breath like a deflated balloon.

"What happened?" Seeing the look on Maranda's face, Jordan guessed that there must be something wrong. The mind of the gossip could not help revealing and was directly forced to ask.

"We broke up." Maranda's tone was not heavy, as if he was talking about someone else.

Jordan thought the music was so loud that he misheard it. So he asked again. It was not until Maranda's voice hit his eardrum that he realized the truth.

Terence was also looked at Maranda. It was obvious to all that the other people had no idea of Maranda's love for Mary, buy Terence knew. He thought that she had come to discuss with him before she said goodbye to the idea. There was a rule in Gu family that if you did love any one or not, you could love thoroughly or not.

Thinking of the situation between him and Violet, Terence laughed bitterly.

Seeing the situation was not so good, Jordan quickly dragged the two people

e should not be cold, but she felt chill to the bone.

Tears slowly ran down her cheeks. She did not say a word, looking particularly sad in the dark room.

No matter how open-minded she was, she couldn't be indifferent to the divorce.

Did she love Terence? She only loved the man who was full of disguise, kindness and tenderness in front of her.

She didn't know how long it took. When her legs and feet went numb, she suddenly heard a quarrel outside. They seemed to be two women, and their voices sounded familiar.

She stood up against the wall and looked out through the cat eye.

Michiko and Emily were standing outside the door.

Mrs. Emily scolded angrily. She rested one hand on her hips and pointed at Michiko's nose with a finger. She was no longer elegant.

Violet could not see what was going on because Michiko was back to her. Violet could only guess that Michiko was crying with her shivering shoulder.

"Don't come back and hurt anyone again! That's all for today. Goodbye!"

Mrs. Emily was quite straightforward. After saying this, she turned around and left.

Michiko watched her back for a long time. When Michiko turned around, Violet found that her tears had already covered her face. There was a sign of sadness on her original good-looking face. Michiko was no longer noble and elegant. Instead, she was just a sad woman. Michiko opened the door and came in. It was not until then did Violet realize that Michiko stayed next to her.

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