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   Chapter 100 The Married Woman Come To The Hotel

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In a few minutes, the two men were covered with bruises. Isla turned around and was surprised to see the tender look on Jordan's face. Then she roared at him, "Why are you still standing here? Go and help! " She gave him a punch in anger, waking him from his trance to reality.

Without waiting for his response, she turned around and rushed to the two men who were fighting. Suddenly, she felt someone tugging her collar back. And then, Jordan stepped forward. The people followed him were also stepped forward.

Terence and Evan were fighting at a loss. As soon as a professional member, Jordan, entered the competition, the situation changed. Jordan drew the two away. On top of that, his men had separated them, and instantly the situation was stabilized.

Both of them were covered with bruises. Though Evan was not a strong man, he hit on Terence's face with no merciful. And now, Terence's face had been black and blue.

Although there were no scars on Evan's face, they were all on his body. There was a dull pain in the ribs of his back, and Evan felt powerless after taking a breath.

The two men stared at each other, as if they were going to have a fight again.

"Where is Violet? We may spare your life if you tell us the truth. " Jordan stepped closer to Evan and threatened him. He didn't like Evan in the first place, so he would seize the opportunity this time. Not to mention Evan's attitude, even if Evan could cooperate, Jordan could give him a reason to hit it first.

If it was not because Isla was here, he didn't need to waste his words.

As soon as Jordan had this thought in mind, Isla stepped in front of Evan and glared at Jordan.

Jordan felt unhappy. 'Isla is trying to protect this brat?'

"Can you cut it out first? The priority now is to find Violet!" She didn't care what Jordan was thinking. All she wanted was to end this fight.

As soon as her words came out, the look on Terence's face changed. Isla understood that he was listening to her advice.

"Is Violet here?" Isla tu

As soon as Violet got out of the taxi, a red convertible car appeared in front of her.

Violet couldn't help but recall it in her mind. In the people she knew, probably only Maranda would make a splash with such a colors. When she looked carefully at the car, she found that it was in the same size with Maranda's. As far as a woman who didn't know much about cars, cars always looked the same as they were in color and style.

"Hi, long time no see."

When she saw Kevin in the car, Violet's face darkened.

"Don't be so pessimistic. I just saw you stroll on the street in the early morning and come out to say hello." Kevin said with smile. He opened the car door and walked directly towards Violet.

Violet soon found a loophole in his words.

"Strolling on the street... I was just out of the community when you followed me? " Violet vigilantly opened the whole defense system and stared at Kevin.

Kevin was dispirited, he could tell that Violet was wary of him. By rights, he didn't look like a bad guy. Why did she look like this every time she saw him? 'He really don't understand.'

"Don't be so rude. I am not tail after you. I just say Hi for you." He explained. Seeing her suspicious eyes, he couldn't help saying, "Of course, I am also a little curious. Why do you, a married woman, come to the hotel in the early morning?"

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