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   Chapter 99 How Could She Be Here!

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 6768

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Isla would never let him go to Evan's home alone. She jumped into the car immediately.

Terence glanced at her, but said nothing.

"Well, it will take some time to investigate the matter you just told. How about having breakfast in that restaurant first? You must haven't eaten breakfast since you came out in the early morning. My treat! " Isla said, patting her chest like a big sister.

She thought that she could ask Evan to hide himself during the time when Terence was having breakfast. If the two men wanted to meet each other, it was not only about talking.

But this time, Terence didn't even look at her, thinking that Isla didn't know Jordan well. At the moment when Isla decided to be with Evan, Jordan had known all the information about him.

Hardly had Isla's voice faded away when a message came to his phone. When Isla saw the address that was entered on the phone, she could no longer remain calm.

She still underestimated them!

"Maybe he has gone to work. By the way, he also likes to walk slowly. Maybe he is not at home. " She began to think of various reasons for Evan. But Terence just said a sentence could made her clam.

"You mean we should go to the Public Health Bureau to talk to him?"

Isla twitched her nose and shrank back uneasily. It was not a good thing that Terence went to find Evan. What's more, Evan was a man of authority. If Terence went to the Bureau, Evan would lose his face. However, since Terence was not able to be persuade, she could do nothing but pretend to be ignorant, hoping that Violet could show up as soon as possible.

Isla called Violet again and again, but she got disappointed again and again.

At this time, Jordan called Terence.

"Terence, do you want me to take some people to beat him?" Terence was driving, so he put the speaker on. Jordan had been very loud, so this time, they heard the conversation clearly.

Irritated by the news, Isla roared through the microphone.

"What's wrong with you, Jordan? It's none of your business! St

, with Violet's nature, he could also guess why she ran away from home.

"It's okay for us to break up. I have no objection. But Violet is really missing. If she is not here, don't talk nonsense. Do you remember the things about Herron? If she is missing, we can also call the police as soon as possible! "

Isla shouted. She tried to comfort Terence's angry, so she quickly said the point of Violet's missing. According to her understanding of Violet, it was impossible for her to return to her ex-boyfriend's home after breaking up. Moreover, they quarreled because of this matter, so it was impossible for Violet to come here.

The reason why Evan said so was to provoke Terence. Fortunately, his goal was achieved.

As soon as Isa was pushed away by Terence, and then she was embraced by a warm hug.

Then, Evan was hit hard in the face by Terence's fist.

Not to be outdone, Evan, as the first scholar, raised his foot and kicked at Terence. Luckily, Terence dodged that kick in time.

Terence's fighting was very fierce since he was a child. He restrained himself a lot when he was at school. And when he went abroad, he was more elegant and heroic. Even when he came to blows, he were not as irrational as he were now.

The two men were fighting with each other, unreasonable and irrational. Isla was shocked by their fighting.

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