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   Chapter 98 The Black Car That Was Following

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Isla tried her best to persuade Violet the whole night, but she failed to understand.

Terence was not Evan. There was no way for him to be dumped by a woman.

"Isla, I'd better go back." Seeing the helpless expression on Isla's face, Violet went to get her coat.

Now, Isla's restaurant had to be protected by the power of Terence. She couldn't damage Isla's career because of her. After all, it was her private affair.

Isla thought that she had thought things through. So she prepared to buy breakfast and waited for Terence to come to have the breakfast together.

"I need to work in the hospital. I'll just eat myself," Violet refused with a smile on her face. It seemed that she was not as embarrassed as she was yesterday.

Isla did not suspect her. She still wanted to drive her to work, but was rejected by Violet.

Walking out of Isla's home, Violet was wandering on the street. She had asked for a week's leave and was not in the mood to work at all. As a medical worker in the hospital, it was irresponsible for her to work with such a mood.

But, where should she go?

She didn't want to tell her parents about the divorce for the time being. She didn't want to turn the tables between Isla and Terence because of her. The good thing was that she had some bank cards in her pocket and she didn't have to do anything to relax herself in the hotel for a week.

Violet took a taxi from the street and headed to the biggest five-star hotel in the city.

At this moment, a black car was following her from not far away...

Isla lied on the bed, unable to fall asleep for the whole night. She felt sleepy now that things had been solved. She rolled off the bed when she heard that Terence nearly broke her door.

"Violet has gone to work. She just left from me for a while. You go to the hospital first. Maybe you can have breakfast with her."

Before Terence said anything, she revealed out all the traces of Violet.

Terence gave her a sour look and rushed downstairs.

He didn't even thank him fo

is world except him.

But Violet was not here. Where could she go?

"Does she have any other friends?" His tone was stiff.

Other friends? In Isla's eyes, Violet didn't have many friends except for her and John. There were colleagues of her company. She was so proud that she didn't want her colleagues to know about her leaving. Now that John was abroad, where else could Violet go?

Suddenly, a man appeared in Isla's mind. She shook her head immediately and deleted the name. She comforted herself that it was impossible.

Isla did not notice that her action was a little abrupt, but Terence always stared at her, for fear that she would play tricks, so he noticed her moves. As soon as she shook her head, Terence thought of that person in her mind. When he saw the panic look of Isla, he was more convinced.

"Evan, where does he live?"

he said in a cold tone.

How could Isla allow him to go to see Evan? Even if she lost everything, she could not do such a thing.

Without further ado, Terence turned around and left.

Isla didn't believe that Terence would leave so easily, so she followed him out in a hurry.

"I'm Terence, Jordan. Send me Evan's address at once." When she just walked to the door, she heard Terence's voice. After that, he hung up the phone.

Before she could react, she saw him walking towards the car.

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