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   Chapter 96 Only One Chance

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7209

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Although Jasmine slapped them hard, she didn't stop watching Terence. His posture of recruiting and fighting must have been stimulated. Now, what happened to Terence might have something to do with Violet.

Thinking of this, Jasmine was in a good mood. She looked at Terence and said, "What happened? Tell me. " She leaned over and observed curiously. It seemed that she had not just experienced a fierce battle.

Glancing at her, Terence said, "Are you okay with 'the police'?"

After what he had done just now, Terence felt much better. He got confused when he thought of Jasmine's abnormal behavior. Jasmine was absolutely a good girl in the eyes of the elder. She learned and worked step by step from childhood. If she did not fell into the hands of that man at last, no one could imagine what she would do.

And now, she was dancing in the bar dressed in such less clothes. If there was nothing in it, Terence wouldn't believe that.

"What do you mean by 'that police'? He is your brother-in-law." Jasmine refuted immediately. The expression in her eyes was fierce, as if she wanted to skin him alive.

Terence didn't even bother to call him, he just said, "What's wrong with you two? Why are you going back this time?"

'In the past, nobody would know that she was so desperate to go abroad. Jasmine even abandoned her parents for a man. Now that she had gone back and developed her own business. Was she had eaten her own words?"

Jasmine didn't think it was a big deal. She said, "Domestic conditions are better." She thought she had covered it well, but her eyes betrayed her.

Although Jasmine was well behaved, she was born with unyielding spirit. Although she were joking and laughing all the time, nobody could get any benefit from her. Let alone the flames at the moment. This was also the reason why everyone was so afraid of Jasmine. Normally, the people who did not speak would be more terrifying and ruthless.

Thinking of the silent lady, Terence couldn't help but think of Violet. His wife was usually very gentle and obedient. But her tone was so cold this morning. Not a kind of warm at all. His anger, which had m

uld fetch it herself. It was better to have some action than said. Just as the action was about to take it, Jasmine walked directly toward the bottle beside Anthony. However, her legs and feet didn't follow her orders. She stumbled over something and her center of gravity was about to fall.

Before landing on the ground, she was still staring at the bottle. In a flash, a pair of big hands held her waist, and Anthony stood up from the chair. He held through Jasmine's back with one hand, and grasped her arm with the other hand. With a gentle force, Jasmine fell into his arms.


Strong heartbeat sounded in Jasmine's ear and time froze at this moment. Listening to the heartbeat, Jasmine's heart couldn't help beating wildly. She had a kind of inexplicable feeling, fresh smell without the flavor of cigarettes and wine, particularly pleasant.

The feeling was so strong that Jasmine felt like years had passed. When she came back to her senses, she found herself alone and Anthony was sitting opposite her.

He looked at her calmly, which made her dare not to be presumptuous. At this moment, she couldn't see this man as her young brother.

"Why did you come back?" There was a hint of doubt in Anthony's calm voice, which made it hard for Jasmine to dodge.

"I..." She stared at Anthony blankly, wondering if she should tell him the truth.

Then she heard Anthony's voice again.

"Only one chance."

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