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   Chapter 95 Night, Confusion

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7408

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Men and women were dancing wildly downstairs. The sound of strong music reverberated in every corner. Men and women laughed, bewildered and exciting.


Suddenly, there was a commotion in the dancing floor. A crisp sound of broken bottle came along with a curse.

The music continued, but the crowd began to panic.

A man fell down and knocked to the ground in the crowd. Blood gushed out of his head, and

the crow screamed in all directions. In front of him stood a woman with a bottle in her hand. The woman was scantily clad, revealing her perfect figure.

Judging from the posture she held the bottle and the man's encounter, it was easy for everyone to associate her with the murder.

"Bah! Who do you think you are to touch my ass?" The woman spit at the man on the ground with a fierce look.

The man held his head in pain, struggled to sit up, and looked at the woman with fierce eyes.

"Edward, isn't that Stewart?" A man who painted cyan dragon all over his body in the crowd asked as he looked at the middle-aged man.

The man was not care what he said but suddenly his eyes widened when he heard this.

"Damn it! It really is Stewart." After saying this, he hurried there. His men rushed over as well.

Jasmine was surrounded by a crowd of people. She looked coldly at these fierce men, nothing but disdain in her eyes.

The music stopped at that moment. The light was on, and the crowd retreated.

A group of men surrounded Jasmine. Some of the men who were going to beat her saw what Jasmine was wearing, and their eyes were fixed on her.

"Boss, this woman hit me!" At this moment, the man on the ground stood up with the help of several people. He rushed directly to his boss and complained.

"Look at you!" The boss threw him a punch. But after all, the man was his brother. He was slapped and he felt he lost his face in front of people.

He walked up slowly, looked at Jasmine up and down, smiled wickedly and said, "You hit my brother. I won't let you go. But if you want to be my woman. I will protect you." His voice was soft and tender.

Upon hearing their boss's arrogant words, his men became even more unscrupulous when they looked at

scene, Jordan and Maranda could not help but feel their blood froze. In other words, they could not mess with women, because it was so scary when they went crazy.

They had almost solved all the people on the ground, but Terence was still angry. He looked for those who still had breath and kicked them to vent his anger. That was why the men on the ground closed their eyes and pretended to be dead. 'Oh my God, this man is so terrifying.' They were wrong.

Did they think that they could get through it in this way?

Jasmine came to the bar counter with a bottle of wine in her hand. Obviously, she was going to hit one more time on everyone's head by a bottle.

"You can go now," Anthony said to the manager.

The manager nodded and asked the security guard to carry those men out. He just hope they acted quickly as soon as possible, and wouldn't be caught by Miss Gu.

Most of the anger in his heart was released. After the tossing, he had already woken up. He sat on the chair, opened his arms and gasped. Seeing that all the people were taken out, and there was no one to toss around, Jasmine lost her interest. She pulled out a chair and sat beside Terence.

Because of what happened just now, no one dared to get close to the sister and brother. The three sat far away, waiting for them to calm down.

"Are you crazy?" Terence suddenly said.

Jasmine became a little angry and didn't intend to make a concession, "You are the one who was crazy."

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