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   Chapter 93 Go Straight Forward

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7079

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Violet had a husband and Evan was going to have one. The matter of love is not just a relationship between the two of them.

Seeing the interaction between the two people, even Terence could understand it even though he was angry.

Evan and his wife had an ambiguous relationship before. The more Terence looked at Evan more like the man on the tape. Until the images overlapped, he found that the stupidest person he had ever been was himself.

The woman he doted on was born with a "green hat" on his head, but she acted like a fool in front of him innocently.

He was so stupid that he couldn't even see their relationship.

Perhaps the New Year's Day was a gathering of their old lovers. After the disappearance of Evan for a period of time, Violet also disappeared for a period of time. The two may be together at that time. 'Violet Tang is really a good chess player, enjoying the tenderness of his lover and Evan's love at the same time.'

Once the seed of doubt is buried deep in the heart, many branches and roots will bloom and bear fruit. At this moment, Terence was no longer the wise and calm CEO, and no longer the beloved young master. He was just a betrayed husband.

However, Terence hated betrayal the most!

Terence entered the house with his scarlet eyes. Without changing his shoes, he rushed to the bedroom. But there was no Violet in the bedroom. Looking at the light in the bathroom, he raised his hand and smashed the door.

"Violet Tang, come out!" He smashed the door madly and ordered in an unquestionable tone.

Violet was startled. As soon as she took off her clothes and didn't took a shower, she was smashed at the door, but it was also recognized that it was Terence's voice. She was delighted, but when she heard his tone, she lost his temper.

"What are you doing? I'm taking a shower. I'll tell you later." She turned on the shower by herself, completely ignoring the crazy people outside.

"Violet, if you have the courage, come out for me. What's the point of hiding?"

However, the people outside had their own set of understanding, and the sound o

ng. He had doubted and guessed about Violet's past, but when the truth was really in front of him, he suddenly found that he was afraid. He was just a mortal, with mortal desires, jealousy and anger.

In his heart, his wife should belong to him alone, from inside to outside, from the heart to the body.

"Am I dirty? I'll show you what is dirty today! "

Terence grabbed her hair and walked to the bedroom with mumbles. The whole face turned cold and there was endless darkness around.

Violet held his hand and resisted with all her strength. At this moment, she was really scared. More scared than Herron's torture. Herron was suffering from mental problems, while Terence was real suffering. He was going to torture her!

Seeing Violet's resist, Terence directly pressed her against the wall.

The cold wall penetrated through the back of her body. Violet could not bear the cold. The angry Terence left her only fear.

Noticing the change of Terence's expression, she finally understood what the man was going to do.

She tried her best to resist and struggle, but her strength was less than a feather to Terence. With a backhand, all her strength was gone.

Terence was already crazy, and his tough posture was unhindered. Violet just felt dizzy and wanted to faint.

Terence was not satisfied, and took her to the mirror, so that she could see her own embarrassment in the mirror.

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