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   Chapter 92 Surprise Turned Into A Scare

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7151

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When she arrived at the Star Flag Restaurant, Violet found that not only their department, but also other departments in the hospital, including the den of the hospital were all intending this dinner party. Of course, Evan was also indispensably among them.

Fortunately, the people around Evan didn't make thing difficult for her this time. They must have learned the last lesson and dared not provoke her.

At the dinner party, everyone began to drink a lot together, and Violet was inevitably dragged to join them. Because of her identity, no one dared to ask her to drink a lot. In order to show that she was friendly to the people, she also drank with them.

She didn't drink much, but she began to get drunk.

When Terence called, she was already drunk.

"Drunk?" Terence's voice was muffled and she couldn't tell any emotion, as if he was enduring something.

"Well, it's not a big deal. I just drank a little." Violet was drunk and felt dizzy. How could she analyze his mood? It was difficult enough for he to tell the whole thing.

"I'm not here. How can you go home?" Terence suddenly said. Violet said without thinking, "Colleagues will send me back."

"Well, be careful on the way."

After that, Terence hung up the phone.

It was the first time for the two to have such a short chat after they had been together for so long.

Before Violet had time to think about anything, she was pulled by Lily to drink again.

When she came out of the Star Flag Restaurant, she was a little unconscious.

"Silly girl, no one force her to drink. Why do you drink so much?"

In a daze, she seemed to hear Lily's complaint. With Lily by her side, Violet was not worried. She was dizzy and fell asleep.

When she woke up, she found herself in the car, and next to her sat Evan.

"Why are you here? Where am I?"

The sudden wake-up made her sobered from the drunkenness, a dim yellow street lamp swaying in the wind, looking at the dark winter night in front of her, she felt a panic for no reason.

"We need to talk." As if he hadn't heard her, Evan said to himself. His eyes were fixed on Violet, l

in the video. He recognized the elevator in Star Flag Restaurant after identification. The bright food advertisement was like it carried the fragrance of the barbecue, which was difficult not to remember.

Jordan once jokingly said that as long as he saw the advertisement, he would be more than half full. So Terence remembered it very deeply.

There was nothing special in the video. It was just guests coming in and out. Thinking that it must be someone's prank, but when Violet appeared in the picture, Terence was not calm.

At first, there was no problem going in and out. But all of a sudden, she was hugged by a man. The two people kissed passionately as if no one was around, which made Terence furious.

Looking at the date of the video, it was not long after the two got married. The woman he was used to love and spoil gave him such a big 'surprise'.

He knew that she had a party tonight. Even if he was angry, he gave her face. He waited until midnight to see a black SUV slowly coming in. It was especially eye-catching in the quiet late night.

The car swayed past him. Even if he didn't see it in the driver's seat, he still recognized Violet a glance.

Violet got off the car and said gently to Evan, "Goodbye, Evan."

Evan's heart suddenly twitched, thinking of the night many years ago, Violet also said that.

"Goodbye, Evan."

Goodbye, maybe they would never see each other again.

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