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   Chapter 91 The New Year's Party

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Even Anthony Xiao, who had always been serious, pursed his lips.

Violet took her coat and went out, but the people in the room began to flirt.

"Yo, when did Mr. Terence show such tenderness to a woman?" Jasmine glanced at Terence with disdain.

"Jasmine, you don't know that, do you? He, Mr. Terence, are more than caring about this woman. He have sent his whole heart out. " Jordan Luo jokingly pouted at Jasmine Gu. She just came back from abroad, so it's not her fault to make a fuss.

"As for that? Why do I see you live not like yourself, just because a Violet Tang? I still don't understand, you really like her? " Jasmine Gu's hand stopped for a while, and her tone became more unfriendly.

The people in the room probably heard some of the hints, and they all stopped and looked at Terence.

To be honest, everyone was curious.

Terence smiled and put his elbow on the table. He touched the stubble on his chin and said, "She is not bad at all. She is my only daughter-in-law in my life. My whole heart is hers."

"Ouch, What a sweet confession. It's a pity that the person involved is not here." Jordan whistled, which scared the two girls who were watching ghost movies into a cold sweat.

Isla hit Jordan with a flying pillow. The two argued endlessly about "being beaten" and "deserved it". So that they couldn't play cards anymore.

Jasmine lowered her head and rubbed the cards in her hand for a long time, but she didn't put them down. She really didn't understand, like Violet Tang, no matter what family background or appearance, what could match Terence?

Jasmine couldn't believe if Violet wasn't said she was twenty-six. 'She wear the nurse uniform all day and it seems that she is playing the role play. Everyone know that they should wear a decent dress, but Violet, just like a dissolute girl, the skirt only reached the thigh. I really don't know who was humiliating the Gu family.'

Jasmine couldn't help thinking of the dinner party that day. She didn't like Violet and thought that only Joyce could match her excellent brother. It was a pity that "the falling flowers were deliberately and the water was ruthless". Terence liked Violet Tang.

Violet entered the greenhouse and found that the flowers and plants were arranged in

Terence was busy with a big project and went out on a business trip. Violet didn't see him for three days or two and he even didn't stay at home for even a week a month. Violet was also busy on duty, and the Spring Festival passed in the blink of an eye.

This year, Violet's department won the best department general again. Director and deputy director received a lot of awards. The director was happy and invited everyone to dinner.

"It's said that everyone can bring their family members at this party. Violet, you can bring your Mr. Terence with you." Lily rushed to Violet at the first time. She had a glance at Mr. Terence that day, and she still remembered him. Although he was married, his appearance could also satisfy the single people like them.

"He's on a business trip."

Violet explained helplessly.

The head nurse on the other side burst into laughter.

"Lily, do you think Mr. Gu is like us? What a big company it is? There are hundreds of people under it. There is no time for them to get involved in our business. "

The head nurse's tone was teasing with a touch of disdain. Violet said in a hurry, "He said that day that he would invite people from our department to have dinner. Thank you for taking care of me."

Under the halo of "Mrs. Gu", Violet could not be so casual. It was just a meal.

"If it's true or not, we'll wait."

Hearing that there were benefits, Lily could not help but feel happy.

Violet nodded. These people were not that difficult to get along with.

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