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   Chapter 90 Watch How He Torment Her

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Violet was a little nervous. To be honest, she still didn't have much to talk about with Terence's friends. She would think of Joyce the moment she saw Anthony. Besides, Evan was probably there today.

The misunderstandings he said was not the most direct reason for their breakup. Violet thought that they couldn't let it go, probably because they experienced the cruelest separation in the world when they were in the sweetest time of a relationship. At that time, the most important thing in life was love, let alone her long-lasting first love. Evan's mother, that shrewd woman, left them no chance.

It was not until she threaten her parents to work that she found her so-called love was worthless. Her parents' lifelong painstaking efforts suddenly disappeared. What could she do? Besides, that woman knew her son very well and understood their relationship very well. She threatened her with Evan's future. What else could she do?

Even if she could make a choice again, the result would still be the same. This was the reality.

The temperature of the heat in the car was a bit high, so Terence loosened his tie and glanced sideways at Violet. His wife looked out of the window. Her face was gloomy. Terence couldn't help thinking of what happened just now. Who could expect a dull girl as she could have had such a temper? Look at what she said. He had no right to care about her past?

When did anyone dare to talk to him like this? Probably, Violet was the only one who had talked to him in such a way in his life.

It reminded him of the first time they met, when Violet was fiercely taunted the man in a blind date, he didn't think his wife would be easily bullied. Sometimes, he found that he liked the Violet when she was angry. She was beautiful when she was angry and his life became colorful. He might have a tendency to be abused, thought Terence.

The car stopped steadily at the gate of the hotel, but Violet didn't realize that. As the temperature in the car was high, the fog in the car rose. She took up her fingers and drew something.

He had a feeling that his wife's little paw was scratching on his heart. The itchy feeling was so tempting that he

dly and introduced the woman he brought to the group.

Both Maranda and Anthony came here alone, Anthony nodded to Violet slightly when he saw her, their greetings was same as every time they met before.

Evan didn't plan to hide his look. He stared at Violet straightly. If it weren't for Isla who pinched him on the waist, he would have been found out. For Evan, Violet was lying on the sofa, pretending that she didn't see him at all.

They were sitting at two table. Violet felt so bored that she fell asleep gradually with her head against the sofa. When she woke up again, she found that only the table which Terence was in left. Isla and the woman Jordan brought here were also happy. They huddled up on the sofa, watching a movie, a classic horror movie. Glancing at it, Violet lost her interest.

Terence threw out a card and glanced at her. He said casually when he saw that she woke up, "My room is the first one on the left upstairs. You can go to bed if you are sleepy, OK?"

Violet stood up, rubbed her eyes and shook her head. After sleeping for a while, she was not so sleepy. Besides, she wanted to go to the garden house to have a look.

Thinking of that, she was about to go out. Terence shouted, "Put on the coat before you go out. It's less than zero degree outside. I don't want you to catch a cold. Then you will have to have an injection, and will be at odds with me."

His words amused the other three people on the table.

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