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   Chapter 88 The Ex-Boyfriend

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"Ding, Ding..."

All of a sudden, someone knocked on the door.

"Let me drive!" Jasmine jumped up, muttered, and trotted to the door.

It was the first time for the Gu family to see such a positive attitude from Jasmine. They were all curious about who was coming.

Seeing that it was Isla, Violet was stunned. She thought it was lucky that Jasmine did not call Joyce here.

"Grandpa, grandma, uncles, aunts, sisters, and brothers, happy New Year!"

Isla called everyone out as soon as she entered the room.

Though they were distant relatives, the Gu family was no stranger to Isla. The grandparents were so happy that they even gave her lucky money.

"Well, Grandpa and grandma, you should give me the lucky money, if you don't..." Isla had always been quick witted. She shook her head mysteriously and led a man in under people's anticipation.

Violet managed to keep a smile and kept convincing herself in mind that Evan was Isla's boyfriend

Evan stood in front of them and greeted them like Isla did. His voice sounded much calm than Isla.

"Good boy! It seemed that Isla really need someone to teach her."

Hiram was very happy. Although he was caution, he was very kind.

"Uncle!" Isla protested with her cheeks bulged up, which amused everyone there.

The arrival of Isla eased the atmosphere, and now all the people's attention was drawn by Evan. Evan and Neil talked as if they were old friends at the first sight.

Violet didn't know whether she should be happy or not. She just watched her former man enter her family.

Isla pulled Violet over and whispered in her ear, "I didn't want to bring him here, either. My grandfather sent us here and forced me to bring him with me..."

Isla said in an aggrieved tone. The more she looked at Evan, the more upset she felt.

Violet patted on her shoulder to show her understanding.

The more Evan talked, the more smoothly he became. Terence even joined in the discussion. In men's talks, women never had the desire to participate. Led by grandmother, they played mahjong. It's a kind of Chinese game played by 4 people with 144 tiles. Even though Violet hadn't contacted anyone, I

Violet Tang and Evan Lin. If Tina ask the teacher of University A, they would have nothing to say.

Violet exchanged a knowing look with Isla. She had made up her mind to tell some of the truth.

"I think he has a girlfriend." Violet said nervously, afraid that the aunt would say something more forcing her.

Tina laughed and said in a relaxed tone, "That's right. You should have told me earlier." In fact, she didn't plan to ask a teacher in University A. As a teacher, she wouldn't gossip about her students. She was afraid that before the gossip came, she might become the gossip. Tina didn't expect that the two girls were so simple to talk so easily.

How scheming Tina was! When Violet and Isla didn't even realize it, another important information was exposed by Isla.

"But not me." Isla added. What made them even more curious was that.

"That's so strange. Evan don't seem to be a person of two minds. Why did he break up?" Tina was confused.

"Aunt, it's not strange. It's normal for us to break up after graduation, maybe because of long-distance love, maybe because of the conflicting personality, or because their family don't like them. For various reasons. Besides, Evan had gone abroad before. Maybe it's because they broke up. " Making up an excuse at random, Isla could do it at any time.

Tina nodded. She had also heard that at her school. Tina thought in mind. 'It was not easy for those kids to fall in love.'

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