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   Chapter 87 Are You Kidding Me

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"Bathroom?" Isla thought that she indeed forgot to go to the bathroom just now, so she didn't say anything else.

With an expectant look on Jasmine's face, she wanted to say something, but in front of Isla, she did not. They had a long time ahead of them, so they didn't have to kill Violet at once.

The music was finished in a perfect manner. It was another style. More and more people joined in it. Isla and Jasmine were also invited in. When they asked Violet, she refused politely.

As soon as the invitations left, she saw Terence standing not far away from her. His face was as dark as coal, and his words "please stay away" made her feel frightened.

"Terence..." Violet thought she should say hello to him first. But when she was about to say something, she was dragged out of the hall by Terence and into his car.

Terence was so angry that he couldn't control his strength. Looking at the red mark on her wrist, Violet suddenly felt wronged.

He dropped her on the floor and left without saying anything. How did she know that he brought her here for the opening dance.

"Where did you go?"

Terence said calmly with a cold face.

"Bathroom." Violet said the same excuse again.


There was a sudden thud in the car. Violet was shocked, only to see that Terence slammed hard at the steering wheel before he stopped.

"Last chance, where did you go?" Terence's breath had become heavy, which indicated that he was trying his best to suppress his anger.

Violet began to panic, wondering whether he had checked the toilet. The present situation didn't allow her to think too much, and Terence was on the verge of bursting out with anger.

"I went to the garden in the back." She decided to tell the truth. If she couldn't save it, she would reveal what Jasmine had done.

But he didn't take any action. He kept his head on the steering wheel.

Violet was even more flustered. She swallowed saliva in a hurry, and slowly approached Terence.

Suddenly, Terence raised his head and slowly approached Violet.


not help admiring Sean's career as a soldier. In fact, she also liked the feeling of being a soldier.

Maranda still looked like a bookworm. As Mary was going to celebrate the New Year abroad this year, he was not so active in the suffering of exotic love.

With the lead of the grandfather, Terence's father and second uncle, Hiram and Aron sat upright. Also only the women in the side, just let the atmosphere appeared lively.

"Jasmine, does your husband comfortable leaving you alone inland? " Tina joked.

Jasmine shrugged her shoulders and said helplessly, "He is too busy with his work. Maybe he is questioning the criminals now."

Jasmine said in a relaxing tone. They all made fun of her for a while. And they turned the topic to Violet and Terence.

"Violet, have your menstruation came here this month?" Emily's words were undisguised and made Violet blush. But when Violet saw that everyone was looking at her expectantly, she felt that she was a little dirty.

She nodded, suddenly feeling guilty.

Mrs. Emily sighed and said nothing more. But everyone could see her disappointment.

"Oh, I have to work hard next month." Terence added, making the atmosphere livened up at once.

"That's right. It's men's fault." Tina added.

They besieged Terence all of a sudden.

Terence winked at Violet with a naughty smile, which amused her a lot.

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