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   Chapter 84 The First Sight Love

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To her surprise, there was a knock on the door.

"Violet, are you sleeping?"

Jasmine's voice came from outside. She heavily knocked on the door. It was impossible for Violet to pretend to be asleep.

"What's up?" She struggled to get up from the bed, put on a smile, and asked patiently.

Jasmine smiled and said, "I just received a call from my brother. He asked if you are asleep. So I come here for check. "

Violet couldn't believe her own ears. With a casual glance at the clock on the wall, she found that it was almost twelve o'clock. Terence just called her and he was impossible to call Jasmine. Violet felt that the woman's words were a bit suspicious.

Whether on purpose or not, Violet could only say, "I'm going to sleep."

Jasmine nodded and looked into the bedroom, pretending not to notice it. Violet understood what she meant. She turned around to let Jasmine could see clearly. There was a very strange feeling in Jasmine's eyes. It was indescribable but very uncomfortable.

Violet's generosity made Jasmine a little embarrassed. She smoothed her hair on her forehead and said, "Did I disturb you?"

She looked at Violet innocently with a little apology in her eyes. But even though Violet really felt that she was bothered, she didn't say anything.

"I'm fine. I have work to do tomorrow. Go to bed early, sister. "

Violet had to comfort her with a smile on her face.

Jasmine nodded and went to bed obediently.

For the whole night, Violet didn't sleep well. Probably because of her psychological effect, she could still hear the sound even if the sound had been turned off.

The next day, she went to work with dark circles. Lily was surprised.

"Violet, isn't your husband too powerful?" Lily nudged her with an ambiguous smile.

Violet stared at her angrily. This girl hadn't married yet. Why did she think about all these? She said in an unpleasant tone, "He is on a business trip."

It was not what Lily was thinking about.

However, after hearing it, Lily didn't stop. Instead

" Annus suddenly asked. Till then, Violet remembered that there was someone with her, so she introduced them to each other.

"Hello, I'm Sheryl An." Even though it was their first meeting, Sheryl was still full of energy and enthusiasm.

Annus was stunned. He quickly reached out his hand and said, "Hello, I'm Annus An."

Suddenly, Violet realized Annus's last name. Actually, Annus An and Kevin An, their name were the same last name.

Annus said and stared at Sheryl with burning eyes. They had been holding hands for a long time. Even if Sheryl wanted to pull her hands out, he still didn't let her go.

Even though Violet was confused, she found his difference. Was it the "first sight love" in the legend?

Actually, Sheryl didn't think he was bad. Being so young and energetic since he was Terence's secretary, he was really charming.

They looked alike. Overjoyed as Violet was, she was not nervous at all.

"Ahem!" Violet coughed a little and exchanged glances with him.

They looked at each other awkwardly. Winking, Sheryl felt a little embarrassed. If Violet didn't interfere, they might still stare at each other. Thought that, Violet thought maybe their gaze would be a beautiful scenery. So she said, "Sheryl is here for make-up. Annus, the stylist who designed for me at the studio is a good one. Why not recommend to Sheryl?"

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