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   Chapter 77 Being Beaten Up Innocently

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"I will probably not go back again." John said seriously.

The affection in childhood always made people think it for a long time, and it was exactly the reflection that made people feel better. It was better to keep it in mind than to get it.

Isla was surprised.

"Does Violet know about it?" That was the first thought in Isla's mind.

With a bitter smile, John took a sip of wine and said helplessly, "What's the difference?"

The smile on his face remained the same, bitter and melancholy.

Isla curled her lip and thought there was no difference. Violet could not bear to see other's grief, especially for John, a man born with sunshine. So Isla casually said, "John, you're a nice man. If Violet like you, you're a perfect match." While saying that, Isla nodded to confirm the authenticity of her words.

Scornful of Isla, John didn't take her words seriously. He probably had no chance to be with Violet in his life.

Isla's comfort was as intimidating as her threat. Nobody could take it, but Isla herself didn't know it. Isla tried to reason him over long words. It was rare to see such a good tempered John who couldn't bear it any more.

"Isla, you think I am not bad?" His eyes suddenly turned to be full of expectations. Isla, still immersed in the comfort atmosphere, said without thinking, "That's right. You are nice in character, ability and family background. You are also a nice guy."

"Since I am so good, why don't we have a try?" John seized the opportunity and said.

"Try on what?" Isla was a little confused. It was rare for her to be shrewd to get confused.

"What do you think?" John's eyes were full of temptation.

He stood up slowly, getting closer to her. They were about to touch each other.

"Isla, what are you doing?" A harsh voice came to Isla's ears. Hearing that, Isla almost went blank.

"I... Why are you here? " Looking at the man, Jordan, in camouflage uniform, Isla said with disbelief.

'Humph, it's just a military exercise

Terence breathed a sigh of relief. He was relieved, but he began to get angry.

Violet thought of what happened just now and then looked around. Judging from the white sheets and the pungent smell of disinfectant, she knew this was a hospital. If she was in the hospital, what about Jordan and John?

Seeing the confusion in her eyes, Terence said angrily, "Stay away from Isla."

Violet knew she was in the wrong, but she didn't want Isla to take the responsibility for her. She responded with less confidence, "I asked her out first..." Terence stared at her. She kept silent finally.

"Don't ask her out more often." Eventually, he compromised. He just couldn't bear to see his wife acting like this.

Overjoyed, Violet nodded at Terence fawningly to show her gratitude.

Terence was amused by his wife. He thought that probably he would be caught by Violet for the rest of his life. But he was willing to do so.

He sighed, opened the door and told the people outside that Violet had woken up.

"Violet, you finally wake up. Do you still feel pain in your nose? Jordan didn't controlled the strength of his fist. If anything happens to you, I'll make him pay with his life! " Isla was the first one to rush in. She took hold of Violet's arm and began to lecture Jordan. The last sentence was even more frightening.

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