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   Chapter 73 The Emergency Moment

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7608

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Although Terence was glad that his wife had returned, he would never allow anyone to bully her if she was forced to do so.

Violet didn't say anything, but just wrapped her arms around his waist and nestled in his arms.

He liked their intimacy, but thinking of Violet's unwillingness, he coldly repeated his question.

After a long time, Violet still did not speak.

When he was about to wake her up and teach her a lesson, Violet suddenly raised her head and said with an innocent voice, "Terence, let's have a baby."


Violet's words aroused a heated discussion in Terence's mind. He had thought about it, but he also knew her concerns. Fortunately, he was not in a hurry. He could wait patiently. He didn't expect that they would quarrel. If Violet didn't come tonight, he would still take her here too. He was willing to admit his fault and give in. He loved her so much that he was willing to make such a concession.

But to his surprise, his wife not only came back, but also said something like that.

What did it mean that a woman wanted to have a baby with a man?

It meant that Violet put Terence in her heart and she loved him.

This recognition made Terence overjoyed. Happiness was beyond her expectation, but he was very surprised.

Violet looked up at the man and found the expression on his face changed constantly. Amazement at the beginning turned into surprise gradually, and then calmness returned. She suddenly became discouraged. She thought that she didn't look like herself anymore when she spoke abruptly like this.

It was then that Terence noticed her mood swings. He slowly said, "Let's start from tonight."

Before Violet could understand the intention of this sentence, Terence kissed her many times.

Terence would tell her in action. If that didn't make sense to her. It didn't matter. He would practice it for her.

With the help of the An group, the Gu group got through the crisis. However, the "D" company, was facing an unprecedented heavy blow because of its overseas rivals buying a large number of shares.

"D" company had transferred a large amount of money domestically, but it was unable to deal with the heavy blow. Owing to the problem of capital chain turnover, it was very likely

ly had a few chances to chat with other shareholders in the general shareholder's meeting. Even though he was appointed to take orders at a critical moment, he forced himself to stand up to express his views.

"Mr. Gu, I'm a man of few words, but I want to say that the reason why the Gu consortium is called 'Gu consortium' is that you are in charge of it." His words stirred a wave in the room.

All people were thinking about how to save the company and ignored the problem deliberately. What she said made people scruple.

"Mr. He, you are wrong. It will be more efficient to have the Xiao group to help the Gu group. Mr. Gu is still the president, and we can't replace him. " The first shareholder A, who took the lead, stood out and refuted. A group of people around him said, "Yes, you are right, Mr. Gu. You are still the CEO."

After the discussion, they came to a conclusion. Terence was still important to them. Besides, only when he was stable could Gu group be stable.

However, Terence had already had an idea, which could be solved by the several of them.

Terence stood up, with his hands on the edge of the table, and looked around. The room fell into silence. The room was quiet again.

There were big shareholders and small shareholders in the room. Many of them followed him since he established the Gu group, but only by the word "interests", they did not have much friendship.

Terence was very grateful, as lucky as he was to see people's inner faces as soon as Violet's back.

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