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   Chapter 72 Stir Up Trouble

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Terence was angry with Violet for her audacity, and Violet was angry with his action. He slapped her hip relentlessly. The two ignored each other until Jasmine returned home.

Jasmine did not come back to China for a while, but decided to stay for domestic development in the future.

In the Gu's house, the whole Gu family were sitting around and welcomed the return of Jasmine. The men went to the study room and the women were chatting in the living room.

"Jasmine, are you really not leaving this time? Is it real? " Holding her daughter's hand, Mrs. Emily was unwilling to let her go, as they hadn't seen each other for a long time. But she couldn't help thinking of her daughter's past behavior.

"Mom, don't worry. I'm not leaving this time. I'm going to start a company. I can't just leave like that. " Jasmine said as he patted Mrs. Emily's hand. Emily made a banana from the fruit plate, and she asked, "You want to set up a company? Which company? Do you need mom's help? " Emily was nervous when she heard this.

Jasmine comforted her for a few words and only said, "I've asked my friend for help. Please let me have a try by myself. If it doesn't work, I'll come back to you," Every member of the Gu family had a same blood in their bones. What was a talent by relying on the power of their family? Only those who ran the business themselves could do something.

Jasmine inherited the feature of Gu family, which was also the reason why Isla admired her so much.

Jasmine snuggled in her mother's arms and said coquettishly, which made Emily amused.

"You naughty girl."

Seeing this, Tina could not help but be influenced by the behavior of Jasmine. So she gave some advice to Emily.

Jasmine, however, ran to the side of Violet and pretended nonsense and said, "Violet, long time no see. I heard that you were kidnapped and did you get any hurt? "

The topic that hadn't mentioned for a long time also attracted the attention of others.

Jasmine's words sounded caring but made Violet feel uncomfortable. She said politely, "Thank you for your concern. I'm all right now."

The kidnapping of Violet was a taboo topic in the Gu family. Everyone thought th

th, making sure no one was around, and then she explained, "My dear baby, stop it. Terence had a huge fight with Anthony over it. If it weren't for the fact that Xiao group was on the sidelines, how could the Gu group have a crisis? "

Although Emily didn't care about the Gu consortium, walls have ears. As a superior, it was a piece of cake for her to know some inside information.

"I see. What a 'good' wife that Terence married. It didn't take her long to cause so much trouble. " Jasmine made no secret of his ridicule of Violet. She didn't like that woman, which made it even worse.

With a grim face, Emily yelled at Jasmine.

"Don't talk nonsense in front of Terence."

"I know." Jasmine shrugged her shoulders and said indifferently.

They had finished talking and went upstairs. But Violet didn't come back to her senses for a long time.

It turned out that she had caused such a big trouble to Terence, but he didn't mention a word about it. He didn't want to make her feel guilty, but she was still angry.

It was at this moment that Violet realized how self-willed she was under his protection.

When they got home, Violet moved to the main bedroom voluntarily.

Terence was amazed when she fell into his arms again. The nightmare she had for so many days almost broke her down. Only when she could breathe Terence's scent could she feel a little relieved.

"What did mom and grandma say to you?" Terence couldn't help but ask.

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