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   Chapter 71 She Has She Reason

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Kevin had seen a lot of wealthy people's marriages and relationships. They were always connected. What kind of person would be his wife?

His words completely irritated Terence, and Stephen.


A harsh voice came from the room. This voice was not from Terence and Stephen.

The girl's voice was sharp and unquestionable, which gave Kevin a shock.

Of course Kevin knew who was talking. Just now, they were on the same side.

Violet walked out from behind the screen and angrily stared at Kevin.

Terence's eyes narrowed into a thin line. He looked at Violet with interest, wondering if she should explain why she was here.

Seeing her gloating face, Kevin dragged her aside and whispered, "Why... Why did you come out?" He blocked her way carefully and asked anxiously.

Violet turned a deaf ear to him and continued to explain, "When I knew him, I didn't know that he was the CEO Terence. I'm willing to live together with him for the rest of my life even if he has nothing. "

Violet stared at Terence and said something like love's words without thinking. She was just afraid that Terence would misunderstand her.

The two people's eyes intertwined in the air, and they saw each other's feelings in each other's eyes.

Oblivious of what Violet was referring to, Kevin subconsciously explained, "I'm talking about Terence's wife. Why are you so excited?"

Suddenly, he caught the sight of Terence, and said uncertainly, "Are you going to tell me that you are his wife?"

He pointed at Terence and looked at Violet with a serious look. Perhaps even he himself didn't know how much he was looking forward to that "no".

"I'm Violet Tang, Terence's wife." The sound of bustle echoed in Kevin's ear. He stepped back in succession with no strength to lift his hands.

He looked at Violet in disbelief. She seemed not to be his age, but she was married to Terence?

At this moment, he didn't know what he was thinking. He felt like his heart was blocked and he couldn't breathe.

He w

n Violet's mind.

Then, she felt the pain from her hip, which made her lose all her thoughts.

"Terence, let me go!"

Violet was like a furious beast, staring at Terence with her eyes wide open.

Terence, he...he...

Slapped on her hip!

Violet's resistance made Terence unhappy. He then patted her on her buttocks, which was much softer this time.

However, the struggle of Violet was getting more intense, and she even left the territory of Terence.

Anger burst out from his eyes. Terence wanted to do something. But when he saw the painful look on Violet's face, he couldn't help but become more gentleness to her.

But who knew, how could the pissed little beast be pacified by his gentle movements.

Terence raised his eyebrows. He couldn't help but frown when he saw the pain on her face. He pulled Violet over to check if she got hurt.

Violet was also a bit stubborn, she wouldn't let him touch her and even directly jumped out of bed to the guest room.

She had known that she was wrong, but Terence still not let her go. The most annoying thing was that he slapped her in the most secret place. Violet was unhappy about this, and so was Terence.

He wanted to see Violet, but he felt too embarrassed to do so. Finally, he was sulking alone.

Terence was lying in bed sulking. How could she be so reasonable?

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