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   Chapter 70 Someone Suddenly appeared

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"You're welcome, Mr. Gu. Even if I don't help, you can handle this crisis." Stephen's tone was very natural. On the contrary, he liked Terence very much. He said in a casual tone, "My son has been spoiled since he was a child. He always does things in a proper way. And he have been studying abroad for many years. He should know how to behave himself but he always think about how to play tricks. " At the mention of his disappointing son, Stephen's tone was somewhat angry, but it was not difficult to recognize the gentleness in it.

According to Isla, Stephen's wife died an early age, leaving a baby to go through. Until now, he didn't look for other women. Violet really admired his passion and this kind of love.

In her eyes, helping Isla didn't mean that Mr. Stephen was a good man. However, if the one who loved his partner so much, he must be a good man. That was why she was so persistent in finding Mr. Stephen. She believed that a spoony man must have a soft heart. She was sure that she could persuade Mr. Stephen.

She just thought that Terence was one step ahead of her.

Violet didn't notice that the man beside her clenched his fists with disdain.

The conversation between Terence and Mr. An was still going on.

"Your son is still young. With the help of you, he will stand out in the future." There was sincerity in Terence's voice. Violet couldn't help but sniff. She didn't expect that Terence was such an ass kisser.

"Well, if he has some power as you, I don't have to worry about him." Mr. An said in a much relaxed tone, making no secret of his appreciation for Terence.

Terence only said, "Thank you for flattering me,"

Stephen didn't want him to be modest. He said, "We all know how capable you are. You are a big shot at such a young age. We are going to retire soon. As you young generation, I hope you can take good care of Kevin." This was his real thought.

The An's group was developing well, but he knew his son's mind was not in the company. The only thing he could do was to find a few helpers

ce knew clearly.

"Mr. Gu, I'm really sorry. This brat has been spoiled by me. He is so capricious. Kevin! You'd better go back! " Mr. An had to apologize again. Seeing that he couldn't control his son, he asked him to leave. Out of sight, out of mind.

Kevin thought he caught Terence's pain, he reprimanded, "Dad, I'm not leaving. Why can't I compete with him? He has achieved what he is today only with the help of his family! Playing with women is a common occurrence. What kind of person can he be? "

Now Kevin had just come out of the campus. Although he was living abroad, he was very pure in his heart. The jerks who dallied with women were the most hateful ones for Kevin. And unfortunately, Terence was the one he hated most.

Speaking of this, the face of Terence was even colder. He said seriously, "Mr. Kevin, I don't deny that I was done something bad in the past. But I'm married. Please respect my marriage."

Marriage was the power that Terence once desired to have. He would never allow anyone to trample on it. Including himself.

However, the problem was that Kevin didn't understand what a marriage meant to Terence. He had his own theory in it.

"Ridiculous. You don't respect your marriage, but ask for others' respect. Your wife is interested in your money. If you go broke this time, let's see if she is willing to live with you. "

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