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   Chapter 69 There Is a Screen

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"I have told you what I want. You should let me go now." Violet's eyes were firm, and her tone was unquestionable.

The man felt helpless and explained, "Of course I'll let you go. But where are you going to find Mr. Stephen?" His expression was back to playful, making it difficult to believe him.

Violet had her own worries and said impolitely, "It's none of your business."

All she wanted now was to leave here. Maybe Isla was right. She should stay at home.

To her surprise, the man seemed to be very interested in her, and said, "I know where to find Mr. Stephen. Let me help you." The man stared at her with an evil look in his eyes. Violet didn't believe that he would be so kind-hearted.

He felt a little embarrassed at her words. He said, "Of course, I will help you but it is conditional." He looked at Violet and saw her puzzle. He thought for a while and said, "I haven't decided yet, but I'm sure you won't lose anything."

He thought he had done his utmost. He wasn't even busy when there were people outside asking him for help, but this time he asked a little girl for help, which had never happened before in his memory.

Violet didn't know whether the man's words were true or not, but she was sure that this must have something to do with Mr. Stephen because he lived here and the layout of this room. But thinking of what he did just now, she hesitated.

Should she believe him?

"There's only one chance. You should seize it." The man reminded her as he saw her hesitation.

She could tell that the man didn't want to help her sincerely, but he was confident. Thinking of the Gu family's situation and the pressure from Terence, Violet made a decision.

She wanted to take a gamble!

"I can ask you for help, but you won't be able to ask for conditions until I get my work done. Besides, I want to see Mr. Stephen right away. " Violet had her own considerations. If a man was willing to promise her this, as long as the crisis of the Gu group was solved, there would be nothing to worry about.


The man suddenly realized what he had promised,

thing, she didn't dare to do anything too much because of the nervousness of the man. Suddenly, she realized that they were looking for Mr. Stephen. Why did he hide from him?

The door was opened from the outside, and a string of footsteps sounded, sounding like more than one person.

Violet directly went out and just saw Mr. Stephen coming in, and the person behind him was...

The man didn't expect the sudden movement of Violet, so he hurriedly pulled her behind the screen. This time, Violet cooperated very well, carefully hiding behind the screen, not daring to take a deep breath.

He intended to blame her, but he didn't dare to since Stephen was here. When he saw the frightened look on her face, he even gently patted her back to comfort her.

Violet was on the verge of breaking down. She wondered why Terence was here.

They had just talked, and she told Terence that it would take some days to get home. So, what did she mean by showing up here now?

She tried to hide her breath carefully in case that it would cause Terence to notice. Because of the fear in her heart, she did not notice that the distance between herself and the man was getting closer.

"Mr. Stephen, thank you for provide resources to save our company." It was Terence.

It turned out that Terence had convinced Mr. Stephen. Pitifully, she had been busy all day long and now she was really a joke.

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