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   Chapter 66 Help Me

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Isla did not think this smile was attractive. Before Violet got angry, she had a habit, which, perhaps, did not even notice herself, was a shallow smile. Others thought it was a concession, but didn't know it was a more explosive one.

Isla was ready to take on Violet's anger, but she had made up her mind that she would not be allowed Violet to get involved in the Gu group's affairs, even if Violet could vent her anger through her. To her surprise, Violet smiled and gently said, "Give me the information about Mr. Stephen. You can stay out of this matter. I won't mention you to Terence."

Isla didn't know why she suddenly stopped her anger, but her gentleness wrapped by the anger was obviously more unsettling

"What are you talking about? Am I such an ungrateful person? " Isla got angry immediately. They had been friends for so many years. Was she a "coward" in the eyes of Violet?

The angry Isla didn't notice the slyness in Violet's eyes. Violet asked innocently, "So you are willing to help me?"

"I..." Isla didn't know how to reply. She finally realized the root cause of the problem. "You bastard, you even set me up."

Isla thought that Violet must have learned a lot from her cunning cousin, Terence. Violet was not like this before.

Seeing that Isla had been deceived by her, Violet laughed happily. Her gloom was gone. Violet looked at an old man who was fishing in the distance and said earnestly, "Isla, I'm Terence's wife. I want to share some things for him."

Her eyes were determined, and her words carried only the purest kind of worry.

Isla sighed and said helplessly, "I'm afraid of you. In order to prevent other accidents from happening in the restaurant, I am paying close attention to these suppliers' personal information. Mr. Stephen also got one. I'll send it to you right now. But don't mess around. If you have any problem, remember to talk to me. "

Her last tone was a little anxious, fearing that Violet would do something recklessly and cause some trouble. The big shots of the business circle, who couldn't tell how evil their intentions were, might not be as affectionate as they looked in front of people. In her eyes, Violet

ll guarded. And if no advance appointment was made, they would be thrown out, just like what Violet had suffered. They had to climbed the mountain secretly without the help of Gu family.

The mountain was so big that the security guards couldn't close all the passageways.

The next day, they got up early and waited for Stephen's existence. The An's family house was located at the foot of the mountain. It was a separate villa, which was surrounded by iron wire. The cameras were flashing red and shaking. They didn't miss any suspicious corner.

They hid at the corner so that they could see clearly what happened outside. But they waited until noon, still didn't see Mr. Stephen.

"Are you sure we are in Mr. Stephen's house?" Violet doubted.

Why did they wait for the whole morning and even couldn't see a car? 'Even though Mr. Stephen has retired, his son should still go to work.' Violet thought.

"Of course." Isla raised her voice when she heard that her documents were questioned.

The door of the An's villa was closed, so did her spirit. Isla dozed off and said casually, "But people like them should live in more than one place. As far as I know, there are about five or six of them. We can't just wait here one by one. " Although it was a piece of cake for her, she had no choice.

No one responded. Isla shivered and came to herself. Oh my God! What did she say just now? She turned around and found Violet was staring at her.

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