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   Chapter 65 Terence Counterattacked

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Before Violet had time to be happy, she felt her body was pushed away and made an intimate contact with the ground.

Fortunately, it was thrown on the grassland nearby, or she would certainly be thrown to pieces. The morning dew hung on the grass, and Violet was thin in her thin clothes. Her coat was taken off from the car for her convenience. At this moment, she felt as if she had fallen into a pool of cold water.

The bodyguard snorted at Violet with disdain and returned to his position. She sensed that he was fixing his eyes on her, so she didn't dare to make eye contact with him.

The old man turned around to focus on fishing. Looking at herself, Violet had to return to the car and took care of herself.

"Violet..." Isla's voice came from the phone, and then Violet realized that the call was still going on. She hurriedly turned to the camera and saw Isla's picture, which relieved her.

Then she looked at herself, with her hair in a mess and panic on her face. She really couldn't do such a thing.

"Violet, it seems to be Mr. An." Isla didn't care about Violet's image at all. She turned her eyes and was lost in thought.

"Mr. Stephen?" Violet knew it was a CEO just by the name. But she didn't care about it at all, let alone other big shots in the business circle.

"Don't you remember Stephen An?" On the other side of the phone, Isla had already recovered. She looked at Violet with a confused look and glared at her fiercely.

Violet searched the shareholders in her mind, but didn't find any of them whose last name was "An". Violet shook her head, wondering who the 'Mr. Stephen' was.

Isla touched her forehead, with an expression of "defeated by you", sighed and helped her recall the past.

"I started my business a few years ago. There were something wrong with the supply of the restaurant. If it were not for Mr. Stephen's help, I am afraid that I can't make it. It was you who found Mr. Stephen with me. Have you remembered? "

She looked at Violet expectantly.

Violet just blinked and didn't know if she remembered it or forgot it.

At this moment, Vi

ot that easy to be persuaded. Otherwise, she wouldn't have broken up with Evan so decisively.

Since Isla had known the tricks of Terence, she couldn't let Violet get involved in the mess again. If something went wrong, Terence would definitely dismember her.

Violet didn't notice one thing of Isla. There was only one thing on her mind now.

"If Mr. Stephen is willing to help, isn't it a little help?"

"I know, but it's not so easy to achieve. The current CEO of the An's group was the son of Mr. Stephen. It was said that he was a revengeful, tough but timid man. Mr. Stephen's temper is worse than his son's. You will know how hard to deal with it. "

Isla tried her best to sound firm, in case that Violet had some other thoughts.

Fortunately, after listening to it, Violet just lowered her head and thought about something, without saying anything. Isla knew that Violet was considering about it, so she did not disturb Violet. But Isla secretly prayed that Violet would not get involved in it!

Violet didn't know if it was because Isla changed her mind suddenly, so she raised her head and said, "Isla, can you get Mr. Stephen's information?"

Isla was so angry that she almost threw her phone on the ground. In her eyes, Isla had no idea why Violet said that!

"Violet, we really can't get involved in this." Isla said seriously.

Violet paused and looked at the camera, smiling.

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