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   Chapter 64 The Boss In The Memory

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"Why are you here?" Putting aside his work, Terence took the bag with a lunch box.

"Have you had a meal?" Violet blurted out as she didn't see the meal.

"Not yet. I was going to ask Annus to order takeout. But I forgot because he resigned and I have a lot of work to do."

After a short hesitation, he checked his watch and realized that it was already late at night. At this moment, Terence was a little embarrassed, like a child who had made a mistake.

"Annus really resigned?" Violet couldn't help asking.

"Or what?" Terence asked.

He looked at her with gentle eyes.

Violet just smiled gently and said nothing.

When the lunchbox was opened one by one, the delicate and warm dishes warmed Terence's heart. The pleasant scent of the rice remained in the bowl, which made people unable to help but feel appetite.

Terence was so touched that he couldn't utter a single word. In front of the delicious food and his beautiful wife, there was no need to beg anything.

After dinner, they made love with each other all night.

At dawn, Terence got out of home. Touching her sore and aching waist, Violet complained in her heart. 'It's unfair!'

Terence had been making great efforts for the whole night. Why did his physical strength become so good in the morning while she was still sleepy? How she wished she could have a good sleep on the bed.

She grumbled, but at the moment she stared closely at the car in front of her for fear of losing its track. On the other hand, she had to keep a lookout. Thanks to her intelligence, she had changed car with Isla. Otherwise, she would be discovered by Terence at such a short distance.

The Gu's consortium was in crisis. As the wife of Terence, she could only hear a few news through newspapers and magazines, even less than the employees of the Gu's consortium. Did Terence still treat her as his wife!

Everything was hidden from her. Didn't she even have the right to help him?

Violet was angry about what he had concealed from her, and more angry at being looked down upon. She wanted to share his work and she needed

outside the company. When Isla saw the elderly, she took the opportunity to appear. A weak girl could always attract most people's attention, and the elderly were no exception. After inquiring about their purpose, the elder received them in a friendly manner.

Through this, Violet made it clear that there were many kinds of ways to the destination. The way to get there with polite was not necessarily the most suitable one. And only the most suitable one was the best one.

Seeing that the bodyguard in front of her was about to attack, Violet decided to hit first. She bit the hand that he stretched out, escaped from his astonishment for a moment, and ran to the old man.

The bodyguards didn't expect that such a fragile girl would do such thing. Fearing that it would do harm to the old man, he stopped hesitating and rushed after the old man.

It turned out that there was a huge difference between ideal and reality. Although Isla could do that, Violet might not. Before she could go far, she was caught up by the bodyguards. The bodyguard pulled her collar with one hand and pulled her back without any tenderness.

"Violet, Violet..." At this time, Isla also said in the phone to cause more troubles. Her voice suddenly brought Violet back to the reality. She quickly aimed the camera at the old man. Only then did she realize that the old man had already turned around and stared at her.

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