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   Chapter 60 Sever Brotherhood

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Isla gave a hard look at Jordan, blaming him for being so ignorant. Who on earth was on his side? In order to teach him a lesson, Isla didn't hesitate to pinch him and twist his flesh, which made him shout.

"Ouch! Be gentle, honey... "

Having been educated, Jordan didn't dare to make any nosy remarks again, but obviously, Terence was intrigued by the girl in front of him.

The longer he stayed with Violet, the more Terence felt his wife was like a bottomless hole in which there were rich and colorful treasures. He felt surprised every time when he went deeper into her life. He didn't know what surprise she would bring to him this time?

How could such a gentle woman become a celebrity in the school?

Terence regretted not knowing her earlier and getting involved in her life.

"What do you mean? I'm just a member of the student union." Violet smiled and said, "Mary, you were as famous as me back then. Why did you belittle yourself?"

Her tone was relaxed. A new topic was well aroused on Mary.

The two women smiled at each other and both saw the prudence of each other in their eyes.

In the face of his curiosity, Dick laughed off in the name of the student union. They were too tacit not to mention the name.

"Are the students in the student union all beautiful girls?" Jordan took this opportunity to express his feelings.

Isla glared at him angrily. Why was he not being a gentle man?

However, Anthony didn't show up. Maranda called up three times in a row, but no one answered the phone. It was an awkward situation for him.

"There's a traffic jam on the way. He'll be here soon." Then Maranda hung up the phone and pretended to get through with Anthony. Then he added, " I'm going to the restroom. Guys, enjoy yourself."

He winked at Jordan.

Jordan said, "I also want to go to the restroom."

These two people echoed each other and it seemed that they had controlled the whole scene. Sitting in the middle of the meeting room, Terence didn't interrupt them. He held Violet in his arms, bowed his hea

afraid that he would escape.

Anthony had no intention of fleeing in since he had already come in.

"Jordan, you're finally here. Come and join the drinking competition. Terence can drink more wine." It was Maranda's words, which broke the embarrassing atmosphere. He pulled over Jordan and sat opposite Terence.

They were competing with each other for liquor. To put it bluntly, they were competing to make dices, and the one with more points could drink. Maranda had never defeated Terence. If it were not for the fact that Terence had been depressed recently, Maranda would not drink so much.

Anthony's coming here was to help him get rid of his trouble and to compete against Terence. He and Jordan came up with the idea.

As for men, they were usually too stressful to express their feelings with words. But things would be totally different after they drank. And some apologies, could also say.

As for Anthony, he was not Maranda. Since they had been sitting together, he had drunk a lot, but neither did Terence get any advantage from him.

After the drinking had gone through three rounds, both of them were a little drunk. Therefore, Maranda proposed that they sing in a karaoke room in the outside, while Terence and Anthony stayed in the room.

"We just leave them in the room. Will it be all right?"

Jordan said worriedly, nudging Maranda.

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