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   Chapter 54 Evan, Are You Crazy

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Mindy was very fond of Evan. He was a good man, cultivated from a rich family and had a strong ability. Even when he studied overseas, he had been as a professional. He returned to China this time probably because of his family's arrangement.

The more she looked at Evan, the more she liked him. Thinking of the little trouble in her family, Mindy thought that Joyce might be able to restrain her temper if she married such a person.

Although his family background was inferior to Xiao family, he was outstanding in other aspects. What's more, it was not entirely relied on his family to select a son-in-law.

It was Mindy, as an aunt who picked a son-in-law for Joyce. The more she looked at him, the more satisfied she was with him.

Violet just nodded, she had no energy to entertain Evan. Then she was about to report work, but Evan told her not to be anxious.

"Director Xiao, we have something to talk about. How about..."

Not knowing why Evan had brought it up, Mindy was confused.

They were going to talk about work. Do they need any special arrangement?

Evan pointed to the door and nodded, with a hint of request in his eyes.

The smart Mindy immediately understood what he meant, and said as if unintentionally

"You guys keep chatting. I'll go to check other's schedule."

Mindy even considerately closed the door from the outside before leaving.

Although she walked very fast, she was still wondering what did Evan mean. As the director of the medical care department, can't she listen to the arrangement?

Is there any other special relationship between Evan and Violet?

The more she thought about it, the more she thought it was possible.

'It's just a report. Why do I have to close the door? As if he wanted to say something extremely nasty.'

Apparently, Mindy had forgotten that she closed the door herself.

Evan was her favorite niece. She wouldn't let Violet seduce him. Although Mindy didn't think Violet was capable of seducing people, she just glanced at the director's office out o

"It seems that Terence didn't protect you well. I'm afraid that you don't hold much important in his heart. Would you like to come back to me? At least, I won't let my woman be hurt!"

Evan gathered his courage and said.

He thought this for a long time. When he understood that it was because of Mary that Violet broke up with him, he was no longer angry. In retrospect of the four years, he had missed a lot. Although he could not accept the fact that Violet was married, it was his fault at first to be with her four years ago. If she was willing to come back to his side, he could forgive her.

What's more, he investigated Terence, the man who treated women as clothes didn't love Violet at all. She'd rather come back to him than do that.

Evan had some scruples at the beginning, but when he heard that Violet was kidnapped, he couldn't sit still.

He blurted out the words that had been buried in his heart.

The more she heard, the more Violet could not understand Evan. 'How shameless is this man to say these words at this point?'

"Evan Lin, are you crazy?"

"Violet, I'm serious. I admit that I didn't mean to hurt you four years ago. I can explain it to you. If you are willing to marry me, I will forgive you married with Terence..."

Evan said seriously. Violet, who had stayed with him for a long time, knew that he was not kidding.

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