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   Chapter 51 Maranda Went On A Blind Date

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Terence was in a good mood at the moment. Violet winked at him and whispered, "I, I want to go and see Herron."

Her words extinguished the flames of fire in Terence's heart like cold water.

He let go of her and looked at her complicatedly.

"Terence, go with me. I feel ill at ease these days and it will be better to see him. "

After she was kidnapped by Herron, Violet had nightmares for several nights. It was all about that day.

Terence knew that his wife was really scared this time. She looked haggard because of those nightmares. Although she tried her best to keep smiling in front of him, he could see that she had something on her mind.

He could go to see Herron, but Herron was a psychiatric patient, he might have feelings for her.

Violet understood what he was worried about, so she gently said, "Herron has always been nice to me. If he's fine, he won't hurt me."

Terence felt jealous of Herron but he still nodded his head.

If this could make his wife feel better, he was willing to compromise.

Things that made people feel worried finally happened. Herron seemed to disappear from the earth.

The surveillance video recorded his leaving, but he was nowhere to be found throughout the city. And Herron's father had no idea where his son was.

Since then, Joyce had hid herself in the Xiao family's house. The two elders were determined to protect their granddaughter, and no one could do anything about it.

What Herron said was nonsense. Nobody believed what a psycho would say. Now the vanishing of him had brought everything back to the beginning point.

But how could Terence let the Xiao family go so easily?

Soon, the Xiao group was in trouble because of the financing. Although Anthony was so busy, he could do nothing.

In fact, he didn't look for Terence, but Annus called him. He said that as long as he handed over Joyce, everything would be fine. Anthony was so angry that he directly hung up the phone.

Anthony, no one could piss off a man who had always been indifferent. To such an extent, Terence had driven him to the wall.

The Xiao group fell into crisis because of the pressure from the Gu group.


hey were not unable to communicate with each other. As if it was God's destiny that he finally found another person in the boundless universe.

After the meal, Maranda was still full. It was the first time that he had taken pity on a woman.

"Miss Bai, let's go to the cinema." Suggested Maranda.

Mary was a little nervous.

"I have the entrance guard. I'm going home."

She didn't show any expression on her face except for polite apology.

Maranda was a little disappointed, but he still respected her idea.

"Let me drive you home."

He had never been so desperate to get close to a woman like this. The sense of loneliness for many years exploded at this moment. He was eager to get closer to her.

"I drove here. It's late now. You should go home and have a rest." Mary refused with a polite smile.


There was a touch of desolation on Maranda's face, but he still kept his gentle smile.

"Then let's meet again next time."

"You can call me 'Mary', can I call you 'Maranda'?" The smile on Mary's face deepened, and there was still a trace of expectation in her eyes.

Hearing that, the depressed look on Maranda's face immediately turned cheerful.


Nobody had called him so intimately since he was born.

Does that mean that Mary has a good impression of him?

Thinking of this, Maranda was more excited.

Even though Maranda hadn't seen the Mary's car for a long time, he was still excited.

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