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   Chapter 50 You Had Better Stay With Her All The Time

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However, Terence took out a voice recorder from his pocket and pressed the play key.

It was Herron's voice from inside, and it was what he had just said in the hospital.

The moment Joyce saw the recorder pen, she panicked. Before she figured out a solution, she was pushed even more perplexed by what Herron said.

"Violet was kidnapped last night. The man who spoke was the kidnapper. And the person behind the kidnapping was your sister, Joyce Xiao."

After closing the recording, Terence finally opened his mouth to explain.

Of course, Terence had a different feeling for Anthony.

Not to mention the affection that they grew up together, it was even when starting a business that Anthony helped him. As their relationship accumulated little by little, Anthony was more important than Neil Gu, or even Sean Gu.

Of course, this hard won feeling was worthy of his explanation.

There was a cold and vicious tone in Terence's voice, which made Joyce heartbroken. She could not help trembling, but she tried her best to remain calm.

Anthony couldn't believe what he had heard from the recording. He thought he knew his sister very well. Although Joyce was sometimes wayward, she would never do such a thing.

He would never believe anyone else who said these words. But when it came to Terence, Anthony couldn't help suspecting.

Joyce of course noticed her brother's suspicion in his eyes. At this moment, Joyce had no time to deceive Terence. Only Anthony could solve her current situation.

"Brother, I'm not. I don't know that man. How could he judge me like that? "

Joyce finally cried after she had endured for a long time. She wiped her tears with a piece of tissue. Her voice was a little bit wronged and made Anthony feel bad.

"Terence, maybe there is something wrong..."

Anthony asked in a fluke tone.

Terence looked at him coldly without saying a word. It was obvious that he was serious.

"Joyce, tell me the truth. Did you do that?"

Anthony stared at her with a serious look, but there was an undertone of expectation in his eyes.


what are you thinking about?"

When Terence climbed into the bed, he found his wife's frowned face funny.

"What kind of stress exactly has Herron suffered? He is insane!"

Violet had always been confused, and at this moment, she couldn't make it clear, so she said her mind directly. When she noticed the anger in his eyes, she instantly understood what he meant.

With his arrogance, he didn't allow his wife to think about other man, especially in bed, such a sacred place.

Violet confessed to her husband sincerely, which was the bottom line of her morality.

Before Terence said something, she said, "I'm sorry."

She looked at him pitifully, only waving her tail and begging for forgiveness.

At Terence's sight, it was an invitation from his wife. She pouted pitifully with her plump little mouth. The way she pouted made him feel at ease.


Violet was kissed right on her lips. She protested for a while and then let him go.

The kiss was from the beginning to the end, with strong emotion, making people can't stop. After his training, Violet's kissing skill was also improved a lot. Although she was not as superb as Terence, but it was still attractive.

What his wife did always affected Terence's heart. Violet's initiative made Terence directly dominated all. He felt relieved and didn't blame anymore.

Soon, Violet couldn't hold on any longer.

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