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   Chapter 49 The Choice Between Woman And Brother

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 6965

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After the kidnap, Joyce had been in a state of excitement, but she was a little worried because Herron Zhang couldn't get through.

She began to worry about the incident

At this moment, there was a slight noise at the door. She became nervous. She tiptoed to the door and looked out through the peephole.

Outside the door, a man was making a fuss.

Joyce was shocked and unbelievable. She was in a high-end residential area. Everyone would definitely ask to be checked. Since when were those thieves so blatant.

Joyce picked up the phone and was about to complain about the property management. At this moment, the security door was pried open from outside.

The man who had just opened the door was in a grey uniform. Joyce grabbed something and threw it out.

But when another man came in, she didn't even have the strength to hold the phone.

"Te... Terence..."

She said in a trembling voice. She had a guilty conscience.

Not until now did she notice that the man who was knocking the door was wearing a formal work suit. Then Terence must have been well prepared to come here.

He strode in, followed by five or six men wearing dark sunglasses.

After the security door was closed tightly, Joyce suddenly felt that the air around her became thinner.

It seemed that he was blaming her.

The plan failed.

This was her first reaction.

No wonder Herron couldn't get through, maybe he had been caught by Terence.

Joyce wasn't surprised when Terence found out what she had do that. A lesson from what he had done to her was a lesson to her. Of course, she would be the first one who through into his mind.

But Joyce believed Herron very much. If there was anyone in the world who could believe that it was Herron, nor her parents or even Anthony.

She had known what was on Herron's mind since childhood. Besides, she once protected him and it was time for him to repay her favor.

Joyce thought that Terence was just making a guess, and could not do anything to her without actual evidence, just like what he did at that ti

he pulled the man who was shooting the video. He grabbed the pitiful camera, threw it onto the wall and smashed it with powder.

Anthony helped Joyce up, put her pajamas on her body, and settled her on the sofa. Then he turned around and stared at Terence angrily.

"Are you crazy? She is my sister. How could you do this to her? "

At this moment, Anthony was also angry. He knew that Joyce loved Terence so deeply that she would like to do anything for him. Even if she lost her dignity, she would stick to it without any hesitation.

Anthony had never been dissatisfied with Terence. Even if Terence didn't like Joyce, he knew that love could not be forced.

But it wasn't an excuse for Terence to hurt Joyce!

Just now, Anthony was sitting in his office and thought that if he persuaded Joyce to give up on Terence, his aunt would call him.

Mindy didn't make it clear on the phone, but it seemed that Joyce had done something to get Terence so that he came here in a hurry.

Anthony was shocked to see them.

He roared at Terence, his gentle image in the past disappeared, and in his eyes, Terence was now an evil person.

But Terence didn't explain anything when faced Anthony. Terence sat down elegantly in a chair as if what had happened just now had nothing to do with him.

Even though Anthony could not beat Terence, the moment could not sit idly by.

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