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   Chapter 48 The Real Father And Son

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In the ward, Herron's father slapped him on the face. It was nothing like his tenderness and grief just now. At this moment, his father looked ferocious with an unprecedented cruelty on his face.

Four distinct hand signs appeared on Herron's face. His expression did not change much. Apparently it was not the first time that such a thing happened.

Herron crawled to the bed and tucked himself in, as if nothing had happened.

"You little brat! How dare you offend the Gu's family! Are you going to kill me?"

The father kept cursing in the ward and punched Herron one after another.

The wounds on Herron's body were not healed, and the heavy fists seemed to have made eyes for his wounds.

Herron wrapped himself tightly in the quilt with constant pain, but he did not say a word. The pain let the tears run out without scruple, and the trembling shoulder showed his fear and helplessness at the moment.

"Damn you! You are just like your mother. You always get me into trouble. You all deserve to die!"

At last, his father punched him on the back and finally left the ward.

After a long time, a weird silence enveloped the ward.

The trace of tears on Herron's face had dried up. Because of fear, he was trembling all over. He closed his eyes and desperately thought of the crimson figure, as if only in this way could he calm his inner fear.

His mother was the only one who could make him feel at ease. He didn't know when he ran out of the house and became penniless when he was beaten again. Several days of hunger had made his mind hallucinate.

But he would rather starve to death than go back to that home.

His mother passed away, forever.

It was said that his mother cheated on his father and was finally divorced.

But he knew very well that his mother did everything for his father and finally died for his father's any means.

When he saw his father beat his mother and sent her to the hospital, she died.

His father was the murderer!

ngs were like dreams that lingered in his mind. Originally, he thought it would be a dream, but the reality told him that it was a nightmare.

A nightmare came to his mind again. He couldn't bear it any more even if the pills hadn't been changed. He had endured those fears for many years, which had made his body reach the limit. He could no longer expect anything but to quietly stay with Joyce.

The next thing he did was to kidnap Violet.

Fortunately, Terence arrived in time, so she did not suffer too much.

Otherwise, he really didn't know how to face the girl who once brought him sunshine. He still hurt her.

Herron couldn't help but picture Violet in his mind. He had a crush on her since they met for the first time. But what he had done made him dare not to expect anything more. Different from Joyce, he had known this when he saw Violet for the first time. But he couldn't help himself either.

Gradually, the figure of Violet in his mind changed into that of Joyce.

He couldn't see through the girl he loved since he was a child. He couldn't figure out what he was expecting?

She, Joyce, seemed to fall into some kind of stubborn situation. In her world, all the women around Terence should die.

Thinking of his father's words about leaving, Herron suddenly sat up.

No, he couldn't leave!

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