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   Chapter 45 The First Meeting

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Mindy Xiao looked at John Chu and suddenly felt a little shocked. She had the reason to believe that even without her, John could know the beginning of the matter. However, things were out of her control by that time.

So she chose to be the bystanders to explain everything to him.

"I didn't frame her. What I said is true. Even if she didn't tell me that she wanted to transfer to another department, her family asked me to do so. "

What Mindy said was true. When Joyce found her, she told her that it was Terence who asked Violet to transfer her work to another department. Therefore, what Mindy said was right.

"Do you mean me? Auntie Xiao. "

At the same time, a man walked out from a turn.

Mindy was surprised that there was another man here.

Obviously, John had the same thought with Mindy.

When they saw who it was, both Mindy and John heaved a sigh of relief. If their conversation was heard by others, nobody knew how to exaggerate it. Fortunately, it was Terence who came.

Wearing a black wind coat, Terence showed his figure. His sharp eyes seemed to be able to see through everything. Nothing could escape from his eyes.

It was the first time that Terence and John met each other.

The two outstanding men looked at each other. Their gazes competed in the air like the most outstanding warriors, who could also measure each other's strength with their gazes.

Their eyes intertwined only for a moment, but it seemed that they had experienced a dramatic change. Everything was measured from inside to outside.

They turned to look at Mindy.

After thinking it over and over again, it seemed that transferring the department was the cause of all the events. Isla Gu once asked Terence for help and reminded him that Joyce would not be so kind-hearted. But he believed that Mindy wouldn't be at the mercy of Joyce. Obviously, Terence was wrong.

As soon as Mindy saw Terence, she knew that she couldn't hide it anymore.

"It's true that Joyce asked me to transfer Violet to the medical care department, but s

fter what he had told with Mindy and Violet told him that she worked in the same hospital with John.

What's more, Terence saw the sign of his name on John's uniform. How could he not to see it. Only Annus didn't pay attention to it because he had something on his mind.

Herron had been sent here since he was subdued by Terence. Since he had been beaten up, he had become a psychopath. His face was swollen and his body was wrapped in gauze, like a mummy.

When Herron's father saw Terence, he hurriedly stood up.

He had wanted to see Terence since the accident, but because of his son's emotional instability, he had not been able to see Terence.

As a matter of fact, it was hard for Herron's father to survive. He was the only son of the three generations.

When he divorced with Herron's mother in the early years, he didn't expect that it would cause so much harm, which led to that Herron was extremely distrustful of others. Fortunately, later his son had a girlfriend, so Herron gradually restrained such extreme mentality, and he became sunny and cheerful.

Who would have thought that the woman would run away with a rich man in the end.

Herron not only kidnapped his lover, but also tortured her for a long time, almost making a decision on her value.

It was at that time that the father realized his son's disease had reached this point.

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