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   Chapter 44 Rumors

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Terence and grandmother's doubted the same, but he only found that it was just because of the love injury that led to the kidnap.

Even in the ears of his grandmother, Violet would still be suspected of "Helen of Troy". Before everything was clear, Terence didn't want to make such a simple definition.

"Even Herron Zhang is mentally ill, he won't poison anyone. What's more, Violet doesn't have any dealings with him. There is something odd behind it. I'm afraid there is something hidden behind it."

Granny Gu accurately pointed out the loopholes, and the look in her eyes became more and more vicious.

"There is no reason for our family members to be bullied casually. Don't tell anyone about this before the investigation is clear."

If a woman was kidnapped by a man, it was not fair for her to be suspected to have an affair. But this was widely known by the public, so no matter what the reason was, it would not be publicized.

Terence knew that his grandma was always a considerate woman. Whoever dared to bully his woman must pay the price.

However, an anonymous tip off reported the kidnapping before he started his action.

At first, everyone was not clear about what had happened. After someone of purpose explanations, this matter spread in the hospital.

The headline was specifically named "The love hate relationship between a rich lady and her lover." It especially indicated that they were in the same hospital. In order to be with their lover, the young lady was transferred to work in lover department through private relations.

They talked to each other more frequently. But later, this rich lady wanted to get rid of her lover, so she got involved and was kidnapped secretly. Its content was as rich as a romantic novel.

Originally it was a guess, but with the continuous requests of Violet and Herron, and someone's deliberate exaggeration, they finally became the heroines of this news.

There was only one thing that made everyone curious about Violet. It was her marriage. After all, in most people's eyes, she was still single.

As t

l that her phone could not be called.

Later, many people began to talk about Violet of the newspaper, which made him more worried.

The Dean of the hospital asked him to replace Director Zhang as the team leader. At his insistence, the Dean told him that Director Zhang was injured by Herron and in a coma. Until now, he finally understood the truth of the matter.

Herron Zhang was secretly arranged in the psychiatry department for treatment, and Violet was taken away by Terence.

John was planning to find out the truth as soon as there appeared a rumor about Violet and Herron in the hospital. And then he followed the clues and found Mindy. That was what happened now.

At this moment, Mindy also understood that it turned out that John stood up for Violet.

The man in front of her was young, but with the age of calmness, calmness and elegance in his every move. Even Mindy had to admit that it was really rare to have such achievements at his age.

Mindy kind of envied Violet. Not only did she have the love of Terence, but also the pity of the man in front of her. Thinking of Violet and the troublesome in her family, Mindy suddenly had a headache.

"What's your relationship with her?"

Mindy just asked casually, but John's eyes became fierce in an instant.

"Why did you frame Violet?"

He repeated the question, and his eyes no longer fixed on pure anger.

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