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   Chapter 42 You Are My Weakness

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Suddenly, the heavy blow on her body disappeared. It seemed that everything was quiet. But Violet could feel that Herron did not leave because the shadow in front of her still did not disappear.

She opened her eyes slowly. What she saw gave her a strong uneasiness.

It seemed that Herron was attracted by her body. His manic eyes were more complicated than before. Violet, who had married with Terence for a long time, knew well what did the message in his eyes meant.

Sure enough, in the silence, he exploded with anger.

Hearing this, Herron rushed up to Violet. Then, Violet waved her hands and pushed him away with strength.

Herron didn't expect her to be so free that he was pushed to the ground accidentally.

Violet knew that it was impossible to talk sense with a madman in the opposite. The only way to rescue her was on her own. Therefore, after pushing Herron away, she tried to untie the rope tied on her body.

It was easier to untie the rope than she thought. She got rid of the rope easily with almost no strength.

At this moment, Herron slowly stood up. He didn't stop her but looked at her with amusement.

Violet also noticed something. The moment she unlocked herself, she ran towards the gate without hesitation.

However, the closed door gave her the message of despair. Violet kept knocking on the windows without any purpose. The windows, which seemed to be full of cracks, were as solid as rock and wouldn't be shaken.

"It's useless. There are only two of us here. You can't escape."

The voice that came from behind shocked Violet. She turned back, and did not know when Herron was standing behind her. The face in front of her made her fear intensified suddenly.

She quickly ran away from him, but she was caught by this powerful man.

"Herron Zhang! I'm Violet Tang, just sober up!"

To save her life, Violet gave out a heavy blow with all her strength.


A loud sound of s

able to break away from his hand, which seemed to be soft. Before she could do anything, Terence woke up.

Staring at her with a mischievous smile on his face, he remained silent.

He founded a GPS system in Violet's phone, which was a help to him to rescue her last night.

With the accurate location, he soon found where Herron was.

When Terence saw Violet on the ground, he couldn't see her clearly. It was at that moment that he realized how important she was for him.

If he also had any weakness, then Violet was.

He lost all his mind at that moment. For a businessman, it was almost fatal. But at this moment, he got more insatiable greed for this spiritual sense.

He couldn't help holding her in his arms as he saw her struggling with his hand.

Violet was sighing that even if he was sleeping, he would not let go of her. But her body was covered with a soft layer, which brought a faint fresh breath from Terence, calming her restlessness.

The feeling of surviving from a disaster made her more greedy for his tenderness.

She knew that this man gave her not only the gentleness of the family, but also a kind of power transmission.

With him, she could rest assured. She was not afraid as long as he was there. Even Evan hadn't given her such a magical feeling.

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