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   Chapter 37 I Will Beat You To The Hell

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 6978

Updated: 2020-02-18 00:32

Evan stood at the door, raising his arm, and tried to hold her hand, but in vain. The light of the room was still on, but it was filled with loneliness and silence now.

He was so shocked that the sea waves kept beating on his heart. He felt more and more suffering but he could do nothing.

He didn't expect that Violet had already known what happened four years ago, but he felt that all the things he had experienced in the past four years were just like a joke.

Then he thought of something and rushed out.

But he didn't find her at all. He wandered alone on the empty road.

Sitting in the taxi, Violet was very calm, but this calm was a bit cold.

There were still tears on her face, but her eyes were as cold as ice. A chill shiver ran down the driver's spine.

"Lady, we have arrived. Wish you have a nice day."

The driver swallowed his saliva and reminded her cautiously.

Violet gave the money to the driver and got off quietly.

The driver saw her gradually walking away, but he still could not help sweating.

He didn't expect that she would have such a frightening look.

Fortunately, it was not too late. Otherwise, he would have thought that there was something strange happened and passed out directly.

The driver turned around, and the taxi went away.

Violet didn't return home, but went to Isla's single apartment.

Terence had gone to another city for a meeting, and it would take two or three days for him to come back.

Faced with the past, Violet found herself a little powerless. She didn't want to be alone, so she found Isla Gu.

Isla didn't like to listen to her parents' gossip. She chose to live in middle school. After having money to support herself, she even bought a dorm to move out.

Violet used to be a frequent visitor here. It was her first visit here after she got married.

Even if Violet hadn't come for a long time, the password of the door still hadn't changed.

The moment Violet stepped into the room, she sensed a sense of strangeness

Jordan Luo was in a good mood today. After bei

like this for a long time, except four years ago.

All of a sudden, something occurred to her. She said, "Is he back?"

Violet's eyes drew back to the original point after hearing this. She looked at Isla puzzled, as if to ask her how she knew.

Isla rolled her eyes at her.

"Humph, who else could let you show such a look except Evan?"

Violet's heart skipped a beat. 'Isla was right. She couldn't fool herself.'

Violet put her fingers against her teeth. The pain from her fingers prevented her from losing her mind. Her fine face now looked a little melancholy, and her eyes that were full of vigor also dimmed.

Isla grabbed a pillow and sat on it. She was sure that Evan Lin had contact with Violet.

Isla could not help but feel sorry for her overbearing cousin. Evan was a very important person in the heart of Violet, even Isla herself could not affect her. It was the first time that she had seen Terence like this for a woman.

Isla heaved a deep sigh and slowly said, "Violet, I know how much you love Evan in the past. But if you could accept what he had done in the past, you wouldn't have ended like this. Terence is extremely domineering, especially to people around him. If you don't want to disappear in his world forever, you'd better not cheat him. "

Isla warned in a helpless tone. She believed that her friend, Violet, could make the best choice.

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