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   Chapter 31 I Was Wrong

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After hearing the reason, Isla also felt indignant for Violet. This was the domineering nature of Gu's family. They only followed their own ideas when encountering problems, and never thought of others' thoughts.

Even though it was the custom of the Gu family to be so tyrannical, for the one he loved, Terence himself probably did not dare to arrange it at will. Isla suddenly thought of another possibility.

"Did he transfer you to another department himself?"

"I asked him whether he knew my transfer to the department. He nodded." Violet didn't think it was a big deal.

Seeing that, the mind of Isla's heart deepened.

"I know. But it doesn't mean that he did it. As far as I know, Mindy Xiao is a member of Xiao's family. "

Violet was confused and didn't understand what Isla meant. She thought to herself, 'Xiao's family name is Xiao, but Mindy is not the member of the family. Isn't it true?'

Looking at the confused Violet, Isla said unbelievably

"Don't tell me you don't know that Mindy is Joyce's aunt."

Isla seldom mentioned Joyce in front of Violet. For one thing, she didn't like Joyce. For another, the matter between Joyce and Terence spread all over the courtyard at that time. As Violet's husband now, Isla couldn't just ask for snub and mention Terence's old love in front of Violet. Although there was nothing between them.

But it seemed that Violet had no idea of Joyce's true character. Terence was overconfident.

As expected, Violet nodded.

Isla began to hate Terence in her heart. Since Violet was so precious, why not explain the reason clearly, which made Violet get a sharp point. Did Terence really love her?

"Then do you know what happened between them?"

Isla asked cautiously.

Violet shook her head.

"Isla, I don't want to know. I don't want to take part in his past. " She looked at the trees on the roadside through the window.

Autumn dropped, and the leaves were yellow. They all moved down in the wind. The street view looked a little depressed after the prosperity.

Isla was almost driven mad by this couple. Terence drank with Jordan all day long, and sometimes h

ends for many years, she could see through what was on Violet's mind.

Joyce's situation was pitiful, but it depended on who she fought for. Violet couldn't give up her happiness just because Joyce was pitiful.

Violet didn't want Isla to worry about her marriage, so she didn't say much about it. But the knock on her head awakened her.

"Is it possible that my department transfer is done by Joyce?"

Isla nodded with satisfaction. Violet was not stupid.

"Joyce's favorite thing is to torture the women around Terence. Her aunt is the director of your department. Be careful. " Isla couldn't help worrying about her friend.

Isla couldn't describe what Joyce had done in detail. Otherwise, the Xiao clan wouldn't have been so cruel to let Joyce stay abroad for eight years. The Xiao family had blocked many details of what had happened in the past, and Isla just got some information from the elders of the family.

Violet nodded silently. If Joyce and Terence had a crush on each other, she would be willing to give up the man. But she wouldn't give up easily if Joyce just wanted to be Mrs. Gu and didn't care whether Terence liked her or not. She was afraid that even Terence would not let her go easily.

Being nervous and afraid, Violet felt that she had wronged that man. He was arrogant and disdainful to explain to her. But she didn't ask him and just came to the conclusion.

After all, it was her fault.

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