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   Chapter 30 A Pure Man

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Everyone had known that Violet was transferred to another department. Besides, if she was reported to the medical cure department today and then transferred to the cardiology department tomorrow. People will questioned her background. She should stay calm since it was the only thing she could do.

She didn't want many people to know her relationship with Terence. As the "Mrs. Gu" of the Gu's clan, she didn't think her situation would become much better than now.

The anger rose in Terence's heart as she walked away.

No one had dared to do this to him. As one of the most powerful people in this family, Terence had never been treated like this.

He strode to catch up with her and grabbed her arm, and shouting, "Violet, don't you hide anything from me?"

His eyes were cold, his tone angry, and his hand gripped her more tightly, as if afraid that she would run away.

She suddenly calmed down and realized that the man in front of her was the real Terence. The man who was considerate and caring to her in the past was only his violent and ferocious disguise.

"Mr. Terence, do I hide something from you?"

Violet asked flatly. There was no change in her expression, as if the rage before her had nothing to do with her.

This kind of Violet made him more irritable, but he could not say a word. He let go of his big hand like a defeated soldier.

Violet ran away from him, rushed into the bathroom and locked herself inside.

She touched her beating heart, then spread out her sweaty palms.

No one knew how nervous she was just now. She seemed calm, but her heart was turbulent.

Did she really have nothing to hide from him?

It was ridiculous.

Wasn't their marriage a fraud?

Her finger was pointing at her lips, soft and warm, as if she still could feel Evan's warmth.

The crazy kiss in the elevator and the fight in the starry flag had been over for a long time, but it pierced into her heart like a needle.

She didn't know how much Terence knew about her, but today, even the meeting with Joyce couldn't escape from his eyes. If he knew that his wife had a crush on another man in the future, what would he do?

Violet was afraid. She was afraid that Terence would treat her well. And she was more afraid that he wouldn't treat her not well.

Depressed as Terence was, he went to a bar to drink. It was a dark room, but it was in the right time for him to meet a person, Anthony Xiao, who also came here to drink. At this moment, he had no time to pay attention to his previous grievances and pulled Anthony to drink.

"She just need to say some soft words to me and I will not become so angry. Right? Why do she have to make me suffer? "

Terence drank a bottle of wine one after another, as if he was risking his life. All he talked about was his family affairs with Violet.

Anthony had never seen him like this before, but now he understood. It turned out that the young couple had a row. Anthony was not good at persuading people, so he came to ask Jordan for help.

As soon as Jordan Luo was driven out of the door by Isla Gu and wondering what to do, his phone rang. It was from Anthony.

The two men, who were equally depressed, were drinking and berating the women at the same time. The anxiety on their faces had completely replaced the gentleness of a gentleman.


seemed that Anthony made a wrong decision to ask Jordan for help.

"Brother, I don't mean that. You bad girl brought me so much trouble. Isla always lose your temper. Look at my skin, it's not recovered at all. Compared to Isla, Violet is much better. "

Jordan rolled up his sleeves and revealed a part of his bruised skin.

"What's good about Violet? It's just a quarrel. It's so calm that I can't even get angry. " Terence's anger was triggered, and he took another sip.

"Do you know what is' cold war '?" Terence picked up the bottle and made a gesture like a drunkard.

The two man seemed to finally find the best friend, word by word, and could not stop.

Being single, Anthony didn't have as many feelings as others. He only had one thought when he saw his buddy was sad.

To help his brothers solve problems.

"Since they're not good, I'll take you out tonight to relax."

Anthony's words shut the two men who had been complaining a lot. They both stared at Anthony motionlessly.

Of course, both of them knew what he meant by "relaxing".

Terence had never expected that the so-called most upright man among them would say something like that.

"Is he crazy? Isn't it my pet phrase?" Jordan thought.

Assuming that they were interested, Anthony continued to persuade them.

"A few days ago, Jordan said he fell in love with a female star. Right? And Terence you said that you met a young model before, and she is fine. I will go and find them. We haven't lived a life like before for a long time. "

But both of them just stared at Anthony motionlessly as if there was something on his face which made others feel nervous.

"Are you kidding me? I have a husband." Suddenly, Terence stood up and straightened his clothes, looking different from just now.

Suddenly, Jordan stood up and said with disdain, "When did I fall in love with a female star? Although I am not married yet, I will never betray Isla."

The two of them looked away as if they had made a deal.

'When did they start to keep a distance from other women?' Anthony wondered.

But he was indeed joking.

After a good sleep, both of them felt much better. But when Terence got back home, the cold war started.

At first, he was worried that Violet couldn't cook and didn't know how to prepare the meal.

But Violet also cooked the meal in a decent manner. Although it didn't look good, she gave out a good smell, which made people's mouth watery. Every time, when Terence thought that they were in a cold war, he would go to the kitchen to cook another delicious dish. Then he ignored Violet and began to eat in a sulk.

They hadn't talked to each other for a whole week. They lived under the same roof, which made them very uncomfortable.

Isla asked Violet out for shopping. Seeing her in low spirits, Isla immediately realized that something was wrong.

"Did you quarrel with him?"

Her remarks hit the nail on the head.

"Why? Terence used to spoil you, didn't he? "

Isla was intrigued. From her point of view, Terence pampered Violet more than his daughter. At first, she didn't believe that they would get married, and now she began to accept the fact gradually, just because of the love and indulgence Violet had from Terence.

What made Terence willing to quarrel with Violet?

Isla really didn't know.

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