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   Chapter 29 Why Did You Marry Me

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Finishing her words, Violet didn't want to talk with this woman anymore and was about to leave.

But suddenly, Joyce pulled Violet's arm.

"Are you sure you won't leave him?"

It was a threat. Violet said seriously, "Unless he asks me to leave."

Joyce let go of Violet and looked at her with a complicated look in her eyes. After a long time, she said slowly, "Okay."

Violet didn't know what this word meant?

To be sure of her words?

Or was it because she had thought it through and decided to give up?

Or, she had made up her mind to fight for him?

A series of questions caused a headache to Violet, so she just forgot about it. If Joyce Xiao made things worse, she could ask Terence to solve it. Anyway, it was his fault.

Violet was walking forward and she didn't notice that she bumped into a man.

She was just a little confused. In Isla's words, she was so cute that when she thought about things, she didn't look at the road at all. Fortunately, they were not on the street.

"I'm sorry."

Realizing her own mistake, Violet quickly apologized.

But when she looked up to see who it was, she stopped.


Herron Zhang looked at her with a smile.

"Hey, Herron Zhang. Are you still at work?" Violet took a look at her watch and found that it had been a long time since she got off work.

Hearing what Violet said, the smile on his face became bigger.

"I heard that you haven't come back yet. I come here to see if there is anything I can help..."

He expressed his concern directly with gentle eyes and soft tone. For a moment, she seemed to see the first time when she met Evan.

"Nothing. A friend of mine is coming to see me. It's time to go home." She explained kindly. There was a smile in her bright eyes, which made Herron extremely surprised. Then he answered, "Let me drive you there."

Violet was stunned and her smile became more bright.

"No, thanks. My apartment is just around here."

Then she left.

Watching her receding figure, Herron could not come to himself for a long time. Suddenly, a woman's voice came from behind.

"What are you looking at?"

He looked back and was overjoyed.


Joyce nodded. She could still remember how desperate Violet was when she left. The smile on her face became bigger.

When Violet arrived home, she saw that Terence had already prepared the dinner. Wearing a beautiful apron and holding a spatula, he was just like a househusband.

With this in mind, Violet changed her shoes in a natural way. After she washed up, she came to the dining table.

Terence's cooking skills became more and more exquisite, even a plate of tomato fried egg was full of flavor, from the plate to the food, which revealed a delicate and noble temperament. Just like how he looked like.

Violet thought that if he always did that, she was not a good wife.

She never cooked and rarely did housework. What did he want to marry her?

Violet began to watch Terence carefully.

This man was not only good at cooking, but also handsome. He was successful and had a strong family background. It was almost a man's reputation. What could he not do?

He had already felt his wife's ardent gaze on him. During their marriage life, Violet had always been shy. Seeing her stare so boldly had made him in

terested. He couldn't help tempting her.

"Baby, what are you looking at?"

With his eyes half closed and the corners of his mouth raising, his voice was so tempting that even Violet could not resist it for a moment.

"You are so beautiful. Why did you marry me?"

Her eyes were blurred, and in a trance, she had even asked out the words in her heart.

Terence froze for a moment. He didn't understand why his marriage had something to do with his good-looking face. And his wife was pretty as well.

He smiled mysteriously and said, "I wanted to get married. So I met you and got married."

Seeing that Violet was still lost in her own world, he whispered, "Baby, are you enchanted by me?"

His breath of mint filled her nose, making her itchy. She nodded unconsciously.

He kissed her on the earlobe. His kiss was affectionate, from ear to face. Violet's heart softened.

She didn't know how long they had kissed. But when she felt the coldness of her body, she suddenly woke up. Realizing what they were doing, she pushed him away and took a deep breath to calm down.

Being pushed away, Terence was still shocked. Violet refused him. There was only one information in his mind.

But when he thought of what happened this afternoon, he was relieved soon.

"Joyce Xiao went to see you before."

Terence said affirmatively.

This was the only thing that he could think of.

No matter how confused she was, she could still sense a love rival coming to her.

Terence was waiting, waiting for Violet to ask him about his relationship with Joyce, and he would tell her everything.

But he would be disappointed in the end.

With a sudden pause, Violet hurried to calm herself down.

"I have transferred to another department..." She asked with expectation.

"Do you know about this?"

She stared at him, hoping he would say no. Judging from his question, he knew exactly what had happened.

Without moving his eyes away from her, he just looked at her and nodded.

Violet tried her best to build all the good image of Terence in her mind. Sure enough, no matter how good he was to her, it was all based on her obedience. If she broke his words, she would get nothing. He would not even ask what she thought.

Of course, Terence saw the grievance in Violet's eyes. He was also angry about this. He didn't want to change position for her, but Joyce called him that her aunt's medical care department was not available. So he transfer Violet there.

It was well-known to all in the medical care department that there was a good chance to be a doctor. When he learned that Violet and John were in the same department, he felt very uneasy. It seemed that God had arranged this opportunity for John, so he immediately agreed Joyce's idea.

Before he could tell Violet that it had been handled. If this made Violet feel wronged, then he was willing to compromise.

"Are you upset? If you don't want it, I can transfer it back."

If the Maranda or Terence's other friends looked at him, they would have been frightened. After all, a man who feared nothing and no one could bully him was became so cautious.

Violet could see the worry in his eyes, but it was not an excuse that he refused to discuss with her.

"No, thanks."

Violet stood up and walked towards her bedroom.

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