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   Chapter 20 Fight Between Deputy Director Chu and Director Lin

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The hospital Violet was working in was a top three hospitals with a military background. Doctors, nurses and equipment were all first-rate domestic. When she was an intern in this hospital.

Violet was a person who cared about nothing but her study.

The A university ranked the first in this country, and Violet was one of the best students. She worked here after graduation, which made it a good decision for her parents.

She was a qualified nurse who was in charge of the third department of cardiology.

In her age, it could be said that she had done a good job without any support.

Today, as soon as she entered the department, she felt something wrong.

The nurses who were interns in the nurse room were all dressed up gorgeously. Even Zelda who was cleaning the room was in high spirits. The nurses who had just started their internship had already blocked the passageway for cardiology. They stretched their necks to welcome someone.

" Good morning, Violet! "

Lily, the head nurse of the second department of cardiology, walked past Violet and greeted her.

Violet stopped her hurriedly, asking her for what happened?

Lily took a glance at the nurses and said, "You went to the morning shift yesterday, so you didn't know. A handsome man came from the cardiology department. He was the vice director. He is a highly skilled doctor who has graduated from abroad. "

Then she approached to Violet and said mysteriously, "Yeah, I heard. The biggest characteristic of this new attending physician is that he is single without a wife."

Then Lily pouted her lips at the girls. Their eyes were ambiguous.

Only then did Violet understand why everyone dressed like this. Because they were waiting to find a rich husband.

Violet shook her head gently. She remembered that she had never been so lively when she was an intern.

At that time, she was just an onlooker. How could she know the freshness of other places?

Thinking of the past, Violet couldn't help feeling a little sad.

"What are you doing here during working hours? Are you waiting to be punished?"

Lily walked towards them and shouted at them angrily.

The nurses made fun of each other and then ran away.

Lily turned around and winked at Violet with a smirk. It seemed that she really was "the brutal witch".

Unlike Violet's tenderness, Lily was arrogant and unruly, and she was very strict with her work, which made those nurses who were interning with her hard to cope with. That was why she was called "the brutal witch".

Violet shook her head with a helpless smile.

Although Lily was so aggressive at work, she was still a charming woman in her life. Violet had witnessed the love between Lily and her ex-boyfriend. Perhaps only love could make a gentle woman become such a strong woman.

Suddenly, a voice came from behind her

"Good morning, Violet."

Violet paused in surprise and turned around to see John Chu's smiling face.

He looked a little dispirited today. He was dressed in sportswear, with a pair of black rims under his black rims. It was obviously that he didn't sleep well.

The only thing that hadn't changed was probably this warm smiling face.

Seeing that Violet had been staring at him, he scratched his head and said shyly, "I just gave a speech for a scho

ol yesterday. And I attended the school's anniversary party tonight, so I drank too much and got up late this morning."

His expression seemed that the only time that he had been late at school time. That was probably because of drinking.

Thinking of those nurses, Violet said uncertainly, "Is that you who they waited for?"

Violet's words aroused John's suspicion.

"If there is no other new doctor here, it should be me."

Violet whined in her heart, 'oh my God, if those anthomaniac nurses see John behave like this, that would be the worst!'!

Fortunately, Lily threatened those nurses to stop their quarrel.

But it didn't worried Violet. John walked into his office and returned to the tall and handsome doctor Chu.

His sleepless eyes became energetic, and his sportswear was well hidden under his white coat. With a notebook in one hand, he smiled. When those nurses saw John, they screamed loudly.

The old director gave a little cough and thought, 'nowadays' young girls are too indecent.'

"Let me introduce first. This is the newly appointed vice director in our department, John Chu."

They were all excited by the introduction, and when John introduced himself, they were even became crazy, and finally calmed down because the head nurse glared at them.

The old director shook his head helplessly. Now the world of young people was dominated by them. They were too old to keep up with the time.

John's arrival made the office became so popular.

The nurses beat about the John's likes and dislikes, which caused many other doctors to complain.

In order to welcome John, the old director had specially prepared the party. It was an activity organized by himself of the Department, but somehow the dean was also disturbed.

The dean made time out of his busy schedule to invite everyone to dinner.

The director had to bring the surgeon and the other nurses to the dinner.

The manager recognized Violet as soon as she entered the hall.

She had followed Mr. Terence here before. When he saw the tenderness and strength in Mr. Terence's eyes, he was afraid that this woman would be Mrs. Gu in the future. The manager didn't know whether he should say hello to Violet or not. When he turned around, he saw Evan Lin who just entered the shop and immediately walked up to him.

Although Evan had just come back from abroad, he was now the director of the city's public Health Bureau. It was said that he was also successful abroad. His job was for the purpose of carrying out the latest order of the department of public health.

Evan's research scope had always been around the scope of health, and he had studied abroad. Many fresh ideas were most needed by the country.

Of course, Evan's father who was appointed as the provincial health department deputy director played an important role.

With support of his father, Evan's career would go further.

What's more, the food industry in the city was under the control of the public Health Bureau. So the manager didn't dare to slack off.

After greetings with the manager, Evan Lin glanced at Violet, as if inadvertently.

Even though she knew Evan was back, she never thought she would meet him again under such circumstances.

Violet thought, 'He must be quite well in the past four years.'

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