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   Chapter 19 The Ruthless Man

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 6882

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Sitting idly in the coffee shop, Terence crossed his slender legs, which made his upper body naturally upright, elegant and graceful. He took a sip from the coffee cup in his hand. His noble manner was shown thoroughly, attracting people to worship him.

He loosened his tie, feeling a little restless. He wondered why Anthony Xiao insisted on inviting him here.

'Asking him out for a cup of coffee at night? How interesting!'

He glanced around the coffee shop by accident.

The light in the coffee house was very dim, and the gorgeous crystal lamps shone with a faint glow. The flowing light was beautiful and luxurious, not low-key. The moderate music produced a strange sweet atmosphere, which made him feel like he was going to take part in a banquet.

Not far away, a coffee master was grinding coffee beans in the bar counter. Every procedure was arranged in an orderly way, with the heritage of the cooks, pouring the emotion into the coffee, and the taste of the coffee lingered.

There was no one else in the coffee shop except Terence.

With the luxurious decoration, mellow coffee and delicate workmanship, how could it not attract guests.

Terence would not think that the business was bad here. What he could guess was that someone had booked there.

And this person was likely to be Anthony Xiao.

However, the seemingly punctual person didn't show up today.

When Terence was about to lose his patience, Joyce Xiao appeared in front of him in 8 cm high heels.

She was not as sexy as she used to be. With some make-up on her pretty face, she looked like a natural girl.

"Hey, my brother Terence."

Joyce waved at him and went straight to him. She was so happy.

But now, Terence had come to realize that his date with Anthony was doomed to be in vain.

He frowned and gave her a cold look. Then he nodded slightly and looked away without saying a word.

Joyce had already been used to his indifference. She pulled out a chair and sat down opposite him.

"Terence, I have brought you a gift after coming back from abroad this time. I hope you will like it. "

She took out a well packed box from her bag and put it in front of him. Her tone was frivolous and cheerful, but her eyes were fixed on Terence, as if she was afraid that he would not like it.

But her nervousness was well hidden in her clenched fists. She carefully hid her emotions, for fear that she would displease Terence.

In the face of her ingratiation, Terence didn't even look at her, and reminded her coldly.

"My name is Terence Gu. I'm neither 'my bro' nor 'brother Terence'."

He was very displeased with Joyce calling him with childhood name.

Because he was married. But he didn't want to embarrass Joyce for their relationship when they were young. He thought that Joyce could figure it out as long as Anthony was with her. But to his surprise, Anthony helped her.

Anthony didn't know Terence well enough. Even though Joyce didn't make it eight years ago, she wouldn't make it eight years later.

Now he had a girl and didn't want to make trouble for himself.

Terence's cold voice made Joyce tremble all over. She bit her lips and was about to cry because of grievance. But she didn't let her tears come out. She looked a little sad.

Her pitiful look would shock him if it was Violet, but she had overestimated her position in his heart.

Terence had no time to waste on her. He stood u

p and was about to leave.

"It seems that Anthony can't come. Tell him that he owe me a meal."

At this moment, Terence was also full of complaints about Anthony, cursing him in his heart because he took the troubles for him.

Joyce hastily stood in front of him to stop him from leaving.

"Terence, I haven't seen you for years. Can't you just have a meal with me? "

She stopped calling him that after all, she was still in consideration of him.

He paused for a moment, looked at the woman who had grown up together, sighed and sat down again. According to their friendship, it was a little ruthless for him to do so, but if he didn't do this, he would be totally ruthless to Violet.

He thought that he should remind Joyce of something.

When Joyce saw him sitting down again, she thought that he felt sorry for her. Controlling her emotions, she casually told him about what had happened when she had been abroad in the past few years.

As for the gift, she didn't dare to mention it any more. Her self-esteem was deeply engraved in her heart. She was afraid that she would piss him off again.

Terence didn't say anything. He was drinking coffee while listening to her patiently.

He made up his mind to teach Anthony a good lesson. Anthony's company seemed to have a surge in fund, so Terence could do something in this matter.

It was totally out of Anthony's expectation. Because of this issue, the whole Xiao's family became a foil to it. In addition, their friendship broke out an unprecedented crisis.

At that time, Anthony finally realized that she should not be spoiled.

Of course, Joyce noticed the careless in his eyes. In front of him, she had already lost her self-esteem. It didn't matter. Right?

"My brother told me it's a lightning marriage. I didn't expect you will do this."

Finally, Joyce shifted the topic to Violet, she tried to make it sound less deliberately.

Terence nodded thoughtfully without any explanation. Even if he wanted to say something, he would not say it first. Since Joyce had initiated the topic, she wouldn't let it end so easily.

Jordan Luo once said that Terence was good at controlling people's mind. He knew what others' thought about him. In order to achieve his goal, he could even tempt others to say what he wanted to hear.

Terence said that it was not a skill, but a personal charisma.

Since she had made up her mind, Joyce decided to go all out. She had rare opportunities like tonight, and she must grasp it.

"Does she treat you well?"

Her original intention was that she could transform herself to him no matter whether he answered her or not.

However, what Terence said next made her unable to fight back.

"She is a muddled woman. Sometimes she is like a child, adorable, and sometimes she is as sensible as a queen. Violet was a young girl, and she had every virtue. So, I love her. "

He understood that she should get the point.

In the face of a woman who loved him, there was nothing more heartbreaking than this.

The love in his eyes made Joyce become jealous.

She had never thought that he would say something like that. It was something like confession of love, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Or she was deeply shocked.

But she wouldn't lose!

For the first time, Joyce left at a time when Terence did not turn around. And something flashed in her eyes and soon hid in the night.

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