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   Chapter 18 Call Me Babe

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After taking a deep breath, Terence coaxed Violet.

"Baby, I'm sorry. It's all my fault. I was so jealous when I saw that my wife wore the gifts from another man, so I impulsively made a mistake. The other people are still waiting inside. If you don't go back now, we will be embarrassed. Please forgive me this time, baby... "

Terence was a man who would never play tricks to achieve his goal.

He could do anything for the woman when he was happy. If he was unhappy, even the hell could not escape the disaster.

At this moment, all he wanted was forgiveness and he was willing to do anything for Violet.

When he saw the fear in the eyes of Violet, he was also scared. He was afraid that the wife he had gone through all the difficulties to get would leave him. He feared that she would be bored with him and that their marriage would be broken into pieces

Actually, he was afraid that Violet didn't like him.

He had known that Violet wasn't the same woman as he used to have.

He was also irritated just now. But the moment when Violet ran out the door, he did regret it.

Besides, his wife was so thin. He must be regretful if she got a cold or a fever.

If it weren't for Violet, he would not give in.

But for the sudden appearance of John, Terence would do something for him. Apparently, John would be less lucky.

Just now, Violet was really frightened by him. But now, she saw his regretful expression and sincere apology of his mistake as well as his dignity. If she really left now, things could not be reversed.

Therefore, she softened her face by making use of his apology.

They went back to the room and none of them mentioned the incident again.

Jordan opened the wine. That was a homemade rice wine. It was of a moderate amount of alcohol and a little sweet.

His grandfather was a well-known wine dealer in Zhejiang province, where made grape very good. His ancestors had already made wine, so it was his grandfather's generation that made it big. The special scent of the rice wine was intoxicating.

They continued with their childhood stories, but Joyce didn't care violet this time. They kept laughing when they talked about the excitement. Violet believed that they could have a good conversation without her.

Unconsciously, Joyce was surrounded in the middle. She was as proud as a princess.

Anthony Xiao shook the glass of wine, looking at her tenderly. Even though he was eating rice porridge, he still behaved as gracefully as a nobleman.

Jordan and Maranda chatted about their childhood on purpose, they shared their funny stories with each other.

Although Terence did not quip with them, there was still a smile on the corner of his mouth showing that he was in a good mood.

'If I leave now, they might be happier.' Violet thought. She was as an outsider, getting resented by others when she was called Mr. Terence's wife.

When Terence's car disappeared in the dark night, Anthony turned around and said to Joyce who was sitting in the car.

"Joyce, you have seen what happened tonight. He had never been so tolerant to a woman. Facing Violet, he tries his best to calm down his bad temper. You're twenty-eight years old now. You can't do anything impulsive at the age of twenty. I hope you can deal with the problem rationally. "

After a short moment of silence in the car, the smile on Joyce's face finally disappeared. She drew back her sight and said with a lonely expression.

"I don't want to, but eight years have passed, I still can't let it go. Brother, help me. "

She held his arm tightly and begged him.

It seemed that eight years had changed a lot, but some things hadn't changed at all. Anthony looked into her eyes and sighed, "Terence is serious this time."

Everyone could see that Terence was serious to Violet. Anthony didn't want his excellent sister to be perplexed and confused about the reality.

Joyce looked into his eyes and said slowly, "Brother, I can't live without him."

Her eyes were full of earnest, and the sadness deep in her eyes was irresistible.

He stared at Joyce for a long time and finally let out a deep sigh.

He was softhearted and did not want to disappoint his only sister.

A hint of cruelty flashed through Joyce's eyes, and she reminded Violet again.

Joyce was gnashed her teeth, 'Violet Tang, right?

I would like to see what tricks you have to win Terence's love.'

Back home, Violet took a shower and sat on the edge of the bed. She felt sad to see the broken bracelet.

A shadow suddenly fell over her head. She looked up and saw Terence standing in front of her. She quickly grabbed the bracelet in her hand and said in a panic, "What are you doing?"

Looking at her nervous eyes, Terence couldn't help laughing. Heaving a sigh, he sat down beside her.

It seemed that he really scared his little wife tonight.

"Give me the bracelet so that I can atone for my fault."

His eyes were clear, and there was no sign of anger at all. His tone returned to pampering tenderness.

Violet hesitated for a moment and suddenly thought of what happened tonight. She said in an angry voice, "I don't need your help for such a trifle."

After saying that, she stood up.

Without a second thought, he pressed her directly on the bed.

Violet wanted to push him away, but before she could do so, it was Terence's turn.

In front of Terence, Violet was always irresistible.

His action brought her back to the reality. She wanted to struggle, but she could do nothing.

Violet had never been a match for Terence.

He abruptly covered her stubborn little mouth with his lips, as if to treat a treasure, but with a sense of viciousness.


Violet raised her voice unconsciously.

He wouldn't let her go so easily. But after a while, Violet was immersed in it.

"Hey, my girl, how dare you do that things tonight, you seem to have forgotten your identity."

His voice was soft, with a bit of temptation. When Terence thought of what happened tonight, he got angry unconsciously.

Violet opened her eyes and looked at Terence with puzzlement. But Terence just soothed her.

"Dear, call me 'babe'."

She didn't know why she was so stubborn, but she didn't know how to address her properly. Terence knew her mind thoroughly. Finally, Violet's mood was out of the control of reason.


Sometimes, Violet thought that Terence was so powerful and charming. It was true that she had given herself to him even though she didn't love him. It seemed that she had been poisoned with his love and unable to escape, but to sink into it.

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