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   Chapter 17 The Riot Triggered By The Bracelet

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Terence was stunned. His good-looking eyebrows twisted in an instant.

He didn't remember that he had bought a bracelet for Violet.

Violet was in a short white dress today and the pink bracelet on her arm reflected the light. The twinkling of the light was particularly eye-catching. Terence remembered that with Violet's confusing personality, if he didn't force her to wear the ring, she might even forget to take the wedding ring. How could she remember to wear a bracelet at home?

What a precious treasure it is?

Moreover, he didn't remember this bracelet at all.

There was something wrong with this bracelet.

He picked up the diamond and looked at it carefully for a while, and then said, " Where are you get this? "

His face was calm and his eyes were dark.

"From a friend."

Violet was honest and fearless, looking into his eyes.

Terence squinted and said, "Did you just talk about John Chu over the phone?"

Violet nodded in silence.

But Joyce, who stood beside, said happily.

"If I'm not mistaken, this bracelet is the latest work of the newly recruited and most famous jewelry designer" Michael Chen ". I looked around the world but couldn't find it. I didn't expect to see it in Violet's hand. It's said that this bracelet has extraordinary meaning... "

Joyce's eyes wandered between Violet and Terence. Seeing that the two men ignored her, she continued to speak.

"It seems to be a bracelet in the name of love. Composed by Michael's former boyfriend. Ah! "

Before she finished her words, Terence took off the bracelet. The sudden fright made Violet scream regardless of her image.

"Don't bring it!"

He took off the bracelet, raised his hand and threw it into the trash can. He dragged her abruptly, leaving a red mark on her wrist, which felt slightly sting to the bottom of her heart.

After a short period of astonishment, Violet stared at Terence without blinking her eyes. There was a weird silence in the room.

With a faint smile appearing on face, Joyce was jealous of Violet who had put the bracelet on her finger so easily, even though she had tried so hard but failed.

But she didn't know it was from another man. And as an arrogant man, how could Terence allow his wife to wear the gifts from other men?

Joyce thought that she had concealed her true feelings, so she didn't want to be seen by Maranda Gu.

Maranda thought to himself, 'if I had known that this woman is not easy to deal with, I should have let Anthony send her abroad. It had been so long since that thing happened.'!

"What happened? Violet, I just found out how your eyes can stare so big. "

Maranda had a gag. Seeing that the situation was not right, Jordan stood up to break the ice.

"I have also brought a box of good wine. Terence, come with me. "

As Jordan spoke, he stepped between Violet and Terence to block the eye contact.

They both looked at him. Jordan felt very embarrassed being under the great pressure.

In fact, they didn't need to drink at all. Jordan just wanted to lighten the atmosphere. He had tried his best to help them.

Not paying attention to what others said, Violet squatted down and directly opened the trash can to find the bracelet thrown by Terence.

When Terence saw the bracelet again, he became very angry. He couldn't understand why Violet was so nervou

s about a bracelet?

He pushed Jordan away, grabbed Violet's arm and roared, "Fuck you, Violet Tang! How dare you put this bracelet on your wrist? "

Everyone calmed down. Even Joyce, who was always stirring up trouble, dared not stay too close to Terence.

He was good at controlling his emotions and seldom got angry. Once he got angry, the consequence would be unthinkable.

Joyce, who sat in the corner, could imagine the consequences of Violet's resistance.

It was the first time that Violet had seen this kind of man. The fierceness exuded from his eyes made her a little scared. Violet Tang replied in a daze, "Please trust me."

Her calm words made him stunned for a while. When he realized it, Violet had thrown off his hand and ran out of the private room.

"Damn it!"

Then he followed her out.

People in the private room looked at each other, but Maranda was not in the mood to care about it. He asked Jordan to bring wine back.

At the turn of the stairs, Terence caught up with Violet. She wore a short shirt and her back was a little thin. His heart softened.

Anyway, Violet was his wife. If he didn't care about her, who else would. Although she had straightened out her mind, he was still angry.


Again, he took Violet's hand and pressed her against the corner of the wall with less strength.

Violet tried to get rid of his hand, but she couldn't, so she had to face his anger and said, "What's wrong with you, Terence?"

Looking at his little wife, whose cheeks were bulging and her lips were all cute from eyebrows to mouth, Terence suddenly laughed. He nodded and said, " Doctor, can you cure me? "

The playful look on his face irritated Violet. She didn't know what to say.

The man who was in a storm just now was calm at the moment. His heart was so big!

"Let me go, just let me go..." Unable to say anything, Violet struggled to resist.

Unfortunately, the power gap between them was too big. She could not resist the imprisonment of Terence.

He loosened his grip. Before Violet could react, he had already pressed her against the wall.

"You..." The distance between them was closer, and the fresh smell of his body filled her nose in an instant. Looking at the man behind him, Violet blushed, lowered her head and kept silent.

Terence was satisfied with his wife's shyness. Suddenly, he felt something wrong on his back. When he turned around, he saw a plump man looking at them in surprise. The fat boy escaped from the place as soon as possible.

After Terence got rid of the lookers on, he looked at his wife, who lowered her head and didn't say anything, and his heart ached for a while.

He had been too angry just now. When a man gave a gift to his wife, he had been crazy. He got angry again when Joyce Xiao spoke of the meaning behind the bracelet. Without a second thought, he yanked the chain.

Now, seeing the red marks on his wife's wrist, his heart ached as well.

God knew what was wrong with him. He could hardly retain his composure. For a moment, he even felt that his body was out of control.

As a businessman, he understood what it meant.

It never happened in the past. But as time went by, he had to admit that Violet was more and more important in his heart.

Well, he admitted defeat. He had no regret falling in love with his wife.

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