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   Chapter 16 The Mandragora Back

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This was the party for them. They used to have dinners with other girls who had soft and sweet voices. But this time, because of Violet, Jordan Luo had to attend the party alone.

"Hey, bro! I miss you so much! "

As soon as Jordan entered the door, he received a big hug.

When Jordan was wondering who had brought a woman here, the word "bro" had been widely discussed in his mind.

The woman in front of him was very enchanting. She was wearing a red and shiny dress. Jordan felt dizzy because of her. Although he was in a coma, it could be seen that the charming woman in front of him was exactly the "boy style" Joyce Xiao who followed behind Terence when he was young?

He felt sick to hear her address him as brother regardless of her age.

Taking a glance at Anthony Xiao, who looked gloomy, Jordan felt uneasy about Joyce's return.

Joyce was the sister of Anthony. She was about the same age with them. In addition, she had been playing with a group of boys since childhood.

When they were young, they climbed the tree together, fought with each other and skipped classes Their friendship had nothing to do with the gender.

Obviously, the eighteen year old girl had a lot on her mind. Not knowing since when, Joyce had long hair and put on her skirt, with a delicate face.

She was in love with Terence, regardless of everything.

The story between Joyce Xiao and Terence Gu had spread throughout the whole military compound.

Terence was a heartless man. He never denied that. He even didn't hesitate when he faced Joyce who grew up with them.

His refusal made Joyce frustrated. For her future development, the Xiao's family was determined to send her abroad.

It had been eight years.

She had turned into a lovely girl.

Without the wildness in her eyes, she smiled confidently and gracefully.

Why did she choose to come back at this time?

Soon, Terence came in, with Violet in his arms.

Violet was totally covered by a large suit jacket and her small face was exposed. She looked more petite. With a smile on Terence's face, he held Violet's shoulders with one hand, looking attractive and evil.

Jordan couldn't help but look at Joyce. A trace of jealousy flashed through her eyes, but she quickly returned to calm.

Jordan's heart skipped a beat!

He knew that even eight years had passed, Terence was still in her heart and never decreased a little. Otherwise, she wouldn't have caused those things.

Jordan didn't know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing for Violet after Joyce's return.

At the sight of Joyce, there was no smile on Terene's face as if she were a stranger.

"Terence, I'm back."

Joyce Xiao came up to him with a smile. Even though she faced him with an indifferent attitude, she was not flustered at all.

Violet raised her head and found the little girl was shining brightly and her eyes were shining with confidence and arrogance.

For Violet, the girl was like a proud princess rather than a weak princess.

Such a glare made her think of the woman many years ago. The way Joyce looked at her also reminded Violet of her humbleness.

At first glance, Violet was certain of her conclusion. The woman didn't like her at all.

Violet was never a weak woman, so she forced herself to smile.

From the moment Terence saw Joyce, he didn't take his eyes off Violet


Joyce Xiao and Terence Gu had never been in love. But the news that year was widely spread and Isla also knew it. Knowing perfectly well about Isla's personality, Terence feared that she would exaggerate the truth to his wife.

So when he saw the smile on Violet, he felt relieved.

He introduced, "This is Joyce Xiao, the younger sister of Anthony. My wife, Violet Tang. "

Violet's heart sank when she recalled her past which she almost forgot.

"Terence, Joyce will come back next month."

"Joyce has already known that you are married. Her visa has some problems. She will come back after her visa is handled. "

It turned out that the woman in front of them was the "Joyce" they called.

Although Violet didn't know what had happened, but Joyce and Terence didn't seem to be pure relationship, especially for the dubious look in her eyes.

Even if she was a girl, Violet couldn't help but admire that Joyce was really beautiful. There was a hint of tenderness and elegance in her, which made people want to integrate into her heart.

But Violet was certainly realized that Joyce didn't like her, so there was no need for Violet to promise her. They greeted each other and then recognized each other.

To her surprise, Joyce was extremely enthusiastic about her. She didn't like her that much, but Joyce pulled her arms and sat together.

The way she called her name made Violet confused?

"I heard that Terence got married when I was abroad. I was wondering what a beautiful woman she would be. Violet, the beautiful woman is you! I'm glad to see you. "

Joyce's words implied some praise which made Violet very uncomfortable.

It sounded like they had known each other for a long time, but this was the first time they had met.

Then Joyce began to tell her about her childhood.

"I remember that when we were climbing on a tree, Terence was throwing his weight around it and he accidentally bumped into a swamp. He was surrounded by a group of bees and stung many times. He was afraid to go out for days. Violet, you don't know how funny it is. Giggle, giggle, giggle... "

"You silly girl, that's because you forced him to stay in the tree, otherwise he would not be there."

Anthony Xiao cut in, adding to the kids' story.

They stood around and talked about the past. For many times, Joyce brought Violet into the topic, but Violet was very wordless.

Violet didn't understand why Joyce called them ''bro" regardless of her age. Was it really so funny?

But everyone obviously responded to Joyce's words for a lot of time. The group of people were laughing and joking. Although Violet was in it, it seemed that she was separated by an invisible glass wall, unable to fit in their circle.

Terence frowned. What Joyce said was about his misbehavior with an army stick. At that time, his grandfather wanted to beat him. He was hiding on the tree while Joyce was letting the wind out for him. He didn't listen to Joyce. He was afraid of grandpa's threat.

When he saw his wife's uneasy expression, he was about to pull her to his side.

Just then, Joyce took hold of Violet's wrist and said, "Violet, what a beautiful bracelet! Did Terence give it to you?"

Joyce kept her smile and looked at the bracelet, her eyes filled with affection. She even touched the six horned stars on the bracelet with her hand.

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