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   Chapter 15 The Consequence of Betrayal

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John Chu shrugged indifferently.

It was an exquisite pink diamond bracelet, shining in the light.

Violet wearing the ring, sincerely sighed, "Wow, it looks so expensive, isn't it?"

John Chu burst into laughter.

"Yes, it's not cheap."

He glanced at her hands and said, "But it's nothing compared to the diamond ring you are wearing. I kind of believe that you have really been married now. "

After a pause, he continued, "Can you tell me what kind of person your husband is?"

Violet took out a magazine from a shelf beside the table and put it on the table.

"Well, he is my husband."

John Chu was shocked and then Violet changed the topic to say, "Doctor, what are you going to do after coming back?"

It was obvious that Violet didn't want to talk about her husband more, and John was smart enough. So he said, "I won't go back this time."

His face softened.

"I meet a person who wants to develop domestically."

There was a flush on his face when he said this.

"What?" Violet asked with a gossipy face. She hadn't seen John wearing such a shy expression.

Seeing Violet was curious, John Chu smiled and explained, "Haha, we met each other on the plane. She was on a business trip and I was on a trip. We talked for a while and thought it was nice, so we left our phone number. Then, it grew. "

When they were talking about this, John's face was full of happiness, and the corners of his mouth could not hide the sweetness. Violet could see the beauty of the girl through his tone.

She was happy from the bottom of her heart that her friend finally had a relationship.

Many girls admired John at that time, but he didn't have any interest in them.

Violet asked, tilting her head, "Something good is going to happen?"

John Chu hesitated and said with resignation, "I hope so."

Violet blinked her eyes. It seemed that the situation was very complicated

Right then, Violet's phone rang. She looked at the caller ID, said sorry to John and picked it up.

"Yes, I'm outside. The cafe behind the hospital was with my friend. Haven't eaten yet. Oh, I know where it is. No, thanks. I'll take a taxi later. Okay... "

Violet's careful answer aroused John's suspicion of her husband.

As he had nothing else to do, he turned to the page of the magazine and read it a few times hurriedly.

Just as he expected, her husband had a strong strength. The only difference between Evan Lin and Terence Gu was Evan didn't have so many affairs. He remembered that Violet didn't want to talk about him just now. Was their marriage really happy?

After Violet hang up the phone, John started to speak, "Is it from your husband?"

Violet nodded.

After they walked out of the cafe, John hesitated and then said, "Violet, I met Evan in America..."

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Violet.

"See you next time, John. I'm leaving now. Bye! "

Before she could finish her words, she was caught.

"Violet, there is something you can't escape from. What's more, Evan... "

At this moment, a sharp voice came from not far away:

"Hey, isn't that Violet? I thought I'm not wrong seeing. You two played together on the street? "

Violet raised her head and saw Jordan Luo walking towards her with one hand in his pocket.

Feeling that they acted in an intimate way, John released Violet's arm without hesitation.

Jordan stared at Violet with

his sharp eyes, showing no trace of friendly expression.

Not only because of Terence, but also because of Isla, Violet was not strange to him.

She knew that this seemingly cynical man, in addition to his family background, his own ability cannot be underestimated.

Violet didn't think highly of him. In her eyes, a strong woman like Isla should deserve a gentle man, such as John, but not a bandit.

Seeing that Jordan didn't let go of John, Violet had to introduce, "This is my senior, John Chu."

He then turned to Jordan and said, "This is Jordan Luo."

After thinking for a while, she added.

"He is one of Isla's pursuers."

Hearing this, John's eyes became clear in an instant.

He patted Jordan on the shoulder and looked at him with sympathy.

After saying goodbye to John, she took the Jordan's car.

It was only a coincidence that Jordan was here.

He was going to look for Terence, for today's party of his brothers had been scheduled. He happened to pass by here. When he was waiting for a red light, he caught a glimpse of Terence's wife sitting with a strange young man.

They talked and laughed, which made others envious.

What the hell!

So he found a place to hide and stared closely at their interaction in case of preventing his brother from being deceived.

Since they didn't do anything to each other in public, he believed that they might not have an affair.

Violet picked up the phone and told John that she were leaving. He guessed that it might be Terence who was calling.

He didn't expect that something would happen, who was about to leave. As a result, he saw them pulling in the street.

The look in the man's eyes was complicated and a bit caring. It was absolutely abnormal!

It was not until he approached that he saw it was only that man who took the initiative. Judging from Jordan's professional judgment, the man probably didn't have enough time to say something, and Violet hurried to leave, so he took action.

He heard that the man was the university head, and Isla was mentioned later. It could be seen that they had known each other for a long time.

Especially when the man looked at him with sympathy. He almost thought he had met a confidant.

Jordan Luo had never been afraid of a few people, but Isla was absolutely one of them.

So he didn't want to her friend, Violet, felt embarrass.

He looked at the confused Violet and felt it necessary to remind her.

"Terence hate to betray. Whoever dares hurt him, he will pay the price in ten times. "

His sudden question confused Violet. She turned to look at him and nodded, "Me too,"

Jordan was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. He had been in a dilemma for so long a time now, and he felt that he was simply casting pearls before the swine.

When he was about to say something, the hall was already there, and Terence was already there.

" What? Are you afraid that I may bullyrag your wife? "

Jordan joked as soon as he got off the car.

After giving him a punch, Terence went straight up to Violet.

It was sunny when Violet came out. Her short shirt fit her well. The air was a little cold at night. She shivered as soon as she got out of the car.

Terence embraced her and noticed that she was cold. He draped his suit jacket on her, and held her tightly at last.

Jordan ignored their flirtatious gesture and walked into the room first.

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