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   Chapter 14 Girl in The House

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After Jasmine's away, the life of the two seemed to return to the past.

But it was getting late when Terence came back home, and the perfume smell and lipstick print on his clothes were getting more and more.

Violet followed her mother's suggestion to be a good wife. She also didn't ask any questions and helped him pack his clothes.

At first, he was still enjoying it.

He used to hear that some man's wife didn't allow him to go out. However, it was inevitable for business people to come out of the entertainment places to meet those who had something to do with the business. He had witnessed how people loved each other in the past. But Violet is probably the only one who is as indifferent and loving as his wife.

Violet was his only wife.

He had always felt that Violet was confused, but it was rare that she turned a blind eye to the lipstick print on her husband's clothes.

Over and over again, Terence's temper was triggered.

'Why are you turn a deaf ear to me?

If so, I'll just make it worse and return to my former dissolute life. Anyway, you don't care about me first.'

At this moment, even Terence did not realize that he began to want to get the attention of Violet.

His friends were not optimistic about his marriage, and seeing Terence go back to what he used to be, they all tacitly knew each other. It seemed that the lady would soon abdicate.

Terence had thought that he was able to keep calm, but Violet didn't care about it at all.

Not to mention perfume, lipstick print, even before he returned completely, or the phone was answered by a strange woman. His wife wouldn't ask him. Most of the time, there was only a little bit awkward, and she was not jealousy.

This time, he saw the light.

It could be seen that his wife did not take him seriously at all and did not care about him at all!

Realizing this point, the arrogant and bossy man got furious.

Besides being angry, there was also a complex feeling in his heart.

Violet's tepid nature could not provoke him at all.

Gradually, he also felt that it was meaningless to play such a childish trick. All women wanted to be loved, right? Then he could be a perfect husband.

Terence was now became a sweet man who would make every effort to please Violet and never neglect her.

Originally, he just wanted to have a fresh feeling. Because of Violet's attitude, Terence became serious.

Terence began to be curious about Violet's thoughts. He wanted to know her past and all the secrets on her.

At first, he was a little worried after knowing his own thoughts.

But he didn't want to think about it as time went by.

Anyway, she was still his wife. Since he couldn't let her go, she would stay in his world.

By several parties, some of Terence's friends realized that this time, the man was really defeated by Violet.

At the same time, they knew clearly that it was her, the hostess of family Gu.

Violet had noticed the change in Terence. Isla had told her all the gossip news about him, and she was well prepared for it. She would feel uncomfortable if Terence had become a perfect husband.

Now that Terence was back with her, their marriage could go on.

Violet was uncomfortable too. That was the life between the husband and wife.

She didn't care what he did outside. But when she thought that he had kissed another woman's mouth, she felt sick from the bottom of her heart. Unfortunately, Terence loved sports in bed. If it were not for his taking protective measures, s

he would really push him away.

Besides, there was no difference between Terence's life and hers.

Violet had a wonderful idea, but how much could she achieve after Terence knew her real intention?

Love is a two person business. The one who destroys the deal must bear the corresponding responsibility.

Terence was never a man who sold at a loss, but Violet knew nothing about this man's dominance.

Sitting in the coffee shop, Violet looked at John Chu, who was so calm and capable that she was totally matched with the word "man", and smiled with satisfaction.

"Nice to see you, John."

John Chu was a talent of the medical school. In the past, he and Evan Lin were in the top rank of a senior colonel.

Violet thought she was very lucky to know John.

A long time ago, there was a hot day. In the afternoon of the early summer, the sun shone warmly. The cicada was singing a lullaby. Violet, who just entered the campus, sat on the lawn under a big tree, leisurely watching a group of playful Swan walking around the lake named " Weiyang Lake ". The word " Weiyang " meant not ended.


The young man took out his camera and recorded the beautiful moment.

In the photo, a girl in pink skirt showed a row of neat teeth, her eyes full of youth, and time froze at a moment.

The two gradually became familiar with each other. John Chu, who looked uninhibited and liked photography, was exactly the "expert" that professor described. The two got more and more familiar with each other because of their major. They were intimate like Isla and Violet.

Although Isla hated John very much and thought that he took away half of Violet's love. As Violet knew, they always hated each other. For a time, she wanted to be their matchmaker. In the end, after they shook hands, agreed and kowtowed, the matter was left unsettled.

Isla always said that Violet was a lunatic. Because when she became the girlfriend of Evan, the most handsome boy in her college, she just neglected the feeling of a friend.

After Evan's thing happened, Isla was fell in love with a handsome foreign guy, and there was only John with Violet.

John Chu was like an elder. He helped Violet get rid of those bad days. Before she could thank him, he went abroad.

For four years.

They communicated through the Internet during the past four years, but they were not unfamiliar with each other at all. Therefore, Violet was the first one whom John met as soon as he came back from abroad.

"My junior fellow apprentice has grown up,"

Violet had grown into a beautiful lady now. Looking at her, John was full of joy and comfort.

What happened in that year, he was a person from beginning to end.

According to her, he was the one who made the most contribution.

He understood that the little figure of Violet concealed her spirit in the face of her predicament.

John thought in mind, "If she didn't have a strong will, how could she be so firm now."

Taking a sip of coffee, John raised his eyebrows and said, "You said you got married. Did you ask for a gift and trick me? "

Violet turned around and said with a cunning smile, " Whether I'm married or not, you can't get away with giving the present. "

Then, she stretched out her hands.


John shook his head helplessly, and the smile on his face deepened. Then he took out a delicate little box from his chest, put it on the table, and pushed it.

Violet picked it up and shook it, curiously saying, "What is it? Can I open it now? "

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