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   Chapter 13 Jasmine's Warning

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Jasmine was not unfamiliar with Violet. Not only did her grandmother like her, but her mother also praised her daughter-in-law on the phone.

She was elegant, elegant and refined. Just like a daughter of an eminent family. Her mother whispered in her ears with all his beautiful words.

Jasmine knew that her mother's greatest wish was to bring up a daughter of an eminent family. Unfortunately, she completely inherited the character of Gu's family. Mom had been sad for this for a long time. 'It seems that my sister-in-law is the one her mother likes.'

Therefore, Jasmine had planned to come back and meet her.

She wanted to know how she managed to get her family's support.

As a result, she had to deal with all the matters and keep pestering them. She could come back home after dealing with them.

So, the first thing she did after coming back was not to go home, but to Terence's company directly. She asked him to have a meal with Violet.

To be honest, Violet didn't give her a surprise because she had laid a solid foundation for it.

The greater the expectation she had, the more disappointed she were.

The woman, who seemed to be in her twenties, was nice and gentle, but it was far from her brother's expectations.

At the thought of those women in the past related to Terence, Jasmine didn't want to fritter away her mind.

In the following days, the voice of Isla has been echoing around Violet's ears all the time.

Similar to, "Jasmine, I miss you so much..."

"Jasmine, what's the life in England..."

"Jasmine, come to my restaurant when you have time. I..."


Having known Isla for eight years, it was the first time for Violet to see a fan's temperament on her.

Seeing that Jasmine Gu was surrounded by Isla, Terence held Violet's hand and went out.

"Isla has been adoring my sister since she was a child. She never stops talking to her every time she meet my sister, " Terence felt helpless about the way they met.

Violet nodded and said, "She is beautiful and capable. No wonder Isla adores her,"

But Terence would not let her go easily as he put his hand on her shoulder and pressed his face against hers.

"What are you doing?"

Violet was scared by his look and couldn't help but push him gently. To her surprise, her hand was held in his.

"You really think so?" His face remained unchanged and his eyes were still fixed on her.

His eyes seemed to be able to penetrate people's mind, and it seemed that he would know all her thoughts. She was around him and there was no place to hide.

Violet avoided his gaze and nodded slightly.

Looking at his wife's awkward expression, how could he not know what had happened.

He had noticed the displeasure on his wife's face in the office.

It was so quiet in the office. Every wife would misunderstand the situation if there was a woman taking a shower.

But he didn't want to explain at all. He wanted to see how his wife would be jealous.

But it was a pity that she didn't get angry at all.

"Jasmine had planned to ask you out for dinner, so she took a shower and changed her clothes at my place. I didn't expect you would come after she finished showering. We are supposed to pick you up together."

Terence explained carefully to his wife. Although he didn't see Violet was jealous, he still needed to explain.

Did he want to see his wife being jealous?

There might be a chance in the future.

It was because of his own intention that caused a big misunderstanding.

Unfortunately, the appearance of Isla exposed everything early, so he got nothing.

Violet didn't care who was the woman in his room. Anyway, their marriage didn't matter as long as they each took what they needed.

But when she saw the careful look on Terence's face

, she accepted it.

There would be a family gathering in the evening because of Jasmine's return.

Her husband,Grace Shao, was on a special mission, so only she returned home.

People were all talking about Jasmine. When they heard that she was leaving in a few days, Mrs. Emily cried often, and they all comforted her.

Violet just sat there quietly and didn't know what to say. She lowered her head and ate the fruit handed over by Terence.

He told her to sit still and mind her own business. Every time Jasmine came back from abroad, she always woke up in a state of chaos.' It was good for Violet to get used to it.' Terence thought.

Although Terence disagreed with the return of Jasmine, Violet could see from his expression that he cared about his sister very much.

"Incredibly, You can leave Grace alone abroad. A foreign girl is so daring and bold. They doesn't care about a married man at all. " There was a trace of jealousy in his words, which seemed that he didn't like his sister's husband.

Jasmine couldn't let this man to say that, even if he was her own brother.

"Well, he is not like you? He is busy with finding criminals all day long, and have no spare time at all... "

Before she finished her words, Jasmine realized that Terence had married.

She cast an apologetic glance at Violet and then glared at Terence.

'It's none of my business.

Besides, it was all in the past. Why did she mention those affairs again?


Terence grew raged.

He glanced at his wife and saw the calmness on Violet's face. Then he was relieved.

Then he glanced at Jasmine. She was in such a mess now that he didn't want to talk to her.

Mrs. Emily chatted with them after dinner. It was late now so Emily asked the couple to stay at her home for one night.

Violet didn't sleep well in her new bedroom. When she woke up in the middle of the night, she found that Terence wasn't beside her. She felt thirsty and went to the kitchen for water.

"Joyce Xiao has already known that you are married. Her visa has some problems. She will come back only after her visa is handled."

As soon as Violet went downstairs, she heard the voice of Jasmine.

In the restaurant, Jasmine sat there quietly in her pajamas. She shook the glass and said in a helpless tone.

Frowning, Terence raised his hand and drank off the wine in his glass. He seemed to be quite annoyed with this matter.

Violet caught a glimpse of the clock on the wall. It was past twelve o'clock.

When Violet heard that, she was suddenly not thirsty. She did not want to be an eavesdropper, so she turned around and went upstairs.

As she lay on the bed, the name "Joyce" came to her mind again.

It was the second time she heard this name. It was probably a woman's name. It seemed that the woman had a very deep relationship with Terence.

Violet shook her head, thinking that she thought it unnecessary for her to meddle in such matters. What's that got to do with her?

Fortunately, the sign of thirst disappeared, so she simply covered her head and fell asleep.

It only took a few days for Jasmine to go back. Even his mother, Mrs. Emily, who was always elegant, could not help complaining that it was better not to come back than to stay in such a short time. At the airport, however, a pair of eyes were fixed on Jasmine, who was reluctant to leave.

Before boarding the plane, Jasmine pulled Violet aside and said unkindly, "Violet, I won't let you off the hook so easily next time!"

Violet was confused and did not know why. But Jasmine did not say anything more.

Suddenly, she felt a layer of cold sweat attached to her back.

Looking at Jasmine who was saying goodbye to his family, Violet felt that she seemed to be hostile to her?

But it seemed to be their first meeting.

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