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   Chapter 12 The Bathing Woman

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Terence's office was on the top floor. The whole floor was his working area.

Violet entered the office and saw the dazzling sunshine shinning in through the large French windows. The desk was plated with a layer of gold.

The whole room was decorated in grey.

The floor was covered with a layer of light grey carpet. In the middle of the room, there was a coffee table and sofa.

His desk was near the window at the innermost corner of the room, behind which was a row of bookshelves filled with books.

Beside the window, there was a small golf practicing device slide. The sky was blue and white clouds in the distance could be seen.

The whole office was clean and tidy. All the items were placed in a good order. It was so quiet around that made people feel a little flustered.


She looked around but still didn't find him.

'He was not here?'

She recalled how nervous Annus looked just now.

'Is he hiding something from me?' she thought.

When she turned around and was about to leave, there was a sound behind her.

When she turned around, she saw Terence coming out of the door beside his desk.

He was still so handsome in his suit.

"Baby, why are you here?"

Seeing Violet, Terence was surprised.

He rushed to his wife and put his arm around her shoulder. He was overwhelmed with joy.

Violet had never noticed that there was a door over there. She took a closer look at it and found that the crack of the door was perfectly mixed with the wallpaper on the wall. If there wasn't a golden handle, there was really no trace of it.

"Oh, I'm shopping with Isla. We want to have lunch with you."

Thinking of what Isla said to her, Violet said unnaturally.


He frowned.

He felt a headache at the thought of his distant cousin who looked like a superwoman.

He just couldn't understand why these two people with such a huge difference in character would become friends?

His baby was so gentle and kind, unlike Isla, who was spoiled and unruly. Only a man like Jordan could take in such a strong woman.

Sometimes, he was afraid that his wife would be misled by Isla.

Looking at the expression on Violet's face, he knew his wife came here not just for eating.

How could his wife invite him for lunch?

Maybe it was Isla's idea.

What the hell were they planning?

Being baptized by the powerful eyes of Terence, Violet was nervous like sitting on pins and needles. She thought she had done terrible things and came here muddled, regardless of the consequences.

Just when she was about to tell the truth, the lounge door was opened.

"Honey, where is the bath towel?"

A young woman's voice came from inside.

She sounded lazy, just liked the wine was numb.

The voice was like a basin of cold water, pouring Violet from head to foot.

Violet smiled.

'Well, with the extraordinary charming of Mr. Terence, how could he lack women?


What a sweet name, Right?'

Violet felt that she was so embarrassed. She couldn't believe that she would be humiliated like this, and more ridiculous, she thought Isla was making a mountain out of a molehill just now!

She tried her best to maintain her dignity and keep the mind, and said the same as before, "It looks like you haven't taken care of things yet. Well, I will wait for you ou

tside. "

Her voice was plain and moody, and she still maintained a decent smile on her face, as elegant as a socialite.

The most ridiculous thing was that Terence nodded thoughtfully and asked her to wait for a moment.

Out of the door, it seemed that Violet had exhausted all her strength. She was too exhausted to say a word facing the confused Isla.

"Why didn't he come out?"

Isla didn't see the main character, and when she saw that Violet ignored her, she instinctively entered the office.

Violet stopped her and said with begging eyes, "Isla, Terence is busy now. We can't bother him. Let's go first. "

This was the least she could do.

Violet could stand that Terence was surrounded by beauties, and their marriage without love. But she still wants to protect her dignity in front of her friends. She didn't want even her friend to pity her. Poor woman! She asked for all these, didn't she?

Isla sensed that something must be wrong, but seeing that Violet was reluctant to say more, she could only give up.

"Yes, boss."

Annus strode to them after hanging up the phone.

"Wait a minute, Mrs. Violet. Our boss wants to invite you and Miss Isla to have a meal. "

'Didn't Violet say that he was very busy?' Isla thought.

Annus, who was standing beside them, scratched her head somewhat unnaturally. He might have known what had happened, but how could he tell Violet as a secretary?

Annus turned to Isla.

After all, he just received the training to "be a good secretary".

The first rule on Secretaries——

He had to stick to his boss's private life.

Soon, Terence came out. He was handsome in a suit, but a woman in a red skirt also followed him.

Violet's heart sank. She had been muddled for a long time, but she found that the woman in a red dress had a similar face with Terence. She thought that maybe things were not like that because Terence dared to take this woman to meet Isla naturally.

The woman put her curly hair on one side, the narrow skirt covering her thighs, outlining her perfect figure, and the long and straight legs exposed. Standing next to Terence, she was as tall as a model. The two people were just like the people who came down from the newspaper.

When she saw Violet, she leaned forward on purpose and looked at her up and down carefully.

Violet's heart skipped a beat. The woman's eyes exuded an enchanting charm, but she was not vulgar, and her good skin was flawless. She winked, her long eyelashes fluttering like a small brush, sweeping across people's heart.

'Iceberg beauty.'

A phrase came to Violet's mind.


Before the woman opened her mouth, Isla had already let out a scream of excitement.

Violet smiled, as expected.

"Hello, my dear sister-in-law. I am Jasmine Gu." An enchanting smile appeared on Jasmine's face, enchanting enough to Violet who was in a trance.

She turned to Isla and smiled gently

"Isla, long time no see. How are you doing? "

Violet looked at Terence, only to find that he was smiling ambiguously at her. Violet blushed with shame and lowered her head in panic.

Annus noticed everything and nodded. It seemed that he'd better stay out of the affair of his boss. At the same time, he covered his cell phone tighter in his pocket. He didn't want his boss to know that he was sneaked off for a while.

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