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   Chapter 11 Her Majesty

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A week later, Terence took Violet home. Terence told Violet about his parents. His father was named Hiram, and his mother named Emily.

The family lived in the chief compound because of Terence's grandpa, Mr. Gu. The guard gave a military salute when he saw Terence. The car continued to move forward along a curved road, surrounded by low winter trees and vast grass behind.

Several villas were standing in the middle of it. Every house was separated for a certain distance. The sunset cast a peculiar scenery. Only then did Violet realize what it was called "a great yard".

Mrs. Gu welcomed their arrival warmly and her serious face was filled with smile.

Both Mr. Gu and Mr. Hiram had a serious face and had been in a high position all year round, so they looked a little critical.

Mrs. Emily was a typical Shanghai woman who was petty in her bones. She was raised up with wealth and gentleness. And she started to be a university student, then married to Mr. Gu. Her life had been smooth.

Unfortunately, her children did not follow her wishes. All of them were kids with ideas and wouldn't listen to her. Her greatest wish was to have a daughter-in-law in the future, so that they could experience those exquisite life together.

Mrs. Gu had warned her that Violet was her granddaughter in law and told her not to be trapped by her family background. Mrs. Emily's heart sank. What kind of person Mrs. Gu was? She had been a political commissar for her whole life. Whoever she liked must be a soldier's wife.

Therefore, as soon as they entered the door, Mrs. Emily saw the delicate woman, she changed her mind immediately. Wasn't such a soft girl the perfect daughter-in-law in her heart?

"Are you Violet? Come on. We are talking about you. "

Mrs. Emily held Violet's hand and led her to the living room.

Mrs. Gu winked at Terence, indicating that she had solved all the problems that he worried about.

Looking at his wife's innocent smile, Terence immediately followed her. Sometimes his mother's enthusiasm was really hard to bear, so he did not want to scare Violet.

All the Gu's family members gathered together, except Terence's older sister and younger brother, Jasmine and Sean.

Violet met Terence's second uncle who was a governor, his second brother named Neil who was the vice mayor, and his second aunt who was a president of company.

It seemed that every member of the family was unusual.

The attitude of Gu's family was impeccable, but there always was an invisible sense of distance between Violet and them. Perhaps they were at the same age, Violet could talk to the cheerful Maranda Gu.

The Gu's family all were very satisfied with Violet, their daughter-in-law. With amazing efficiency, Terence quickly arranged the two families to meet.

Violet mentioned a little about the background of Terence's family to her parents, but when they saw Terence's parents who could only be seen on TV, they were still a little uneasy. They never expected that their daughter's mother-in-law would have such a background.

Whether Terence's grandpa and father who were general, his governor's uncle, or the vice mayor that was often seen on TV, all of these identities made Violet Tang's parents feel confused. It was said that the son-in-law of the Gu's clan who she hadn't seen was an international police and Sean was a special soldier. None of the women in the Gu's family was ordinary. This couple were worried about their daughter when she married into such a family.

However, since they had already married, these worries could only be a whisper.

The Gu's clan meant a big banquet of guests, but Terence and Violet both wanted to be low-key, especially when the affair of Neil was in a critical mo

ment, it was too big for him to be the first one.

The other members disagreed the young couple, so they had to ask Mr. Hiram and Mrs. Emily's opinions.

Tang's parents also had their plans. They were still afraid of what happened four years ago. Once their daughter was married into a noble family, they would try their best to minimize the damage if anything bad happened to her in the future. Therefore, it was the first time for him to agree.

The Gu's family had no choice but to follow their wishes. As a result, their marriage was known only to their families and a few close friends.

Life after marriage seemed to be the same as before. Terence was busy with work, while Violet went to work and off duty as usual. But after work, what he was thinking about was to go home. He just wanted to cook something to feed his wife.

Where is Violet? Acceptance. Just because she moved from home to his apartment, and his cooking was really good, she felt that life was becoming more and more moisturizing.

Terence's friends did not care about it. They secretly gathered together, discussing what kind of tricks Violet, who was weak in appearance, had used to set up a trap for Terence, who had been entertaining the ladies in the past. At the same time, they also made a bet secretly that their marriage would not last too long.


According to Terence's experience of flirting with women, Violet wasn't his type at all!

It was supposed to be a private topic between several men, but it was accidentally revealed to Isla by Jordan.

Isla couldn't just let it go like that. After scolding those men, she grabbed hold of Violet's hand and went to the company with her boss.

Of course, she didn't dare to bring up those men's private topics with Violet. She just said that as a good wife, she didn't know where her husband's company was. She should feel sorry for this.

Violet felt guilty in the beginning, so she had no choice but to come to the company under Isla's hard and soft tactics.

Terence's company was located in the most prosperous area in the city. The newly built buildings, like a handsome young man, stood especially dazzling in the old city.

"Isla, let's just stay here," Violet said Seeing the white-collar women in and out, Violet backed off a bit.

She felt herself pitiful and pathetic, as if she came to grab a wife who had an affair with a married man.

Isla caught hold of Violet who was trying to escape and said earnestly and kindly, " We're already here. As the dignified wife of his majesty, you should swagger around, and ask those conscienceless women to get out-of-the-way. "

Isla blurted out what was on her mind. It was not until she saw the surprised Violet in front of her that she remembered the purpose of her visit. All of a sudden, her eyes shifted, "No, I mean we have to have lunch together before we leave."

In this way, Violet was pushed into the company by Isla.

It was not Isla's first time to come here. The receptionist still remembered her. With her identity of "the president's cousin", they successfully arrived at the president's office.

Annus was surprised to see them. A hint of panic flashed through his golden framed glasses, " Mrs. Violet, Miss Isla. "

Then, Annus would inform Terence through the intercom.

Isla quickly hung up the phone, and urged Violet into the office as she saw Annus's puzzled eyes. Then she gave herself a reasonable reason, "Oh, I just don't want to disturb you."

In fact, she just didn't want to see her cousin's cold face.

Seeing that Violet entered the office, Isla turned around and looked at Annus, who was confused.

It seemed that it was necessary for her to tell him something about how to be "a good secretary".

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