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   Chapter 10 A Secret

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7138

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They all sat in the western restaurant of the hall. Outside the French window, they could see the flat and green grass clearly. The blue sky and white clouds, the green trees and the lake made up a beautiful picture. It seemed that they came to a paradise, and they didn't want to leave even they came here.

Isla had come here several times, either to dine with the chief or to play ball with another chief. And she was also lucky enough to follow Terence Gu to get a VIP treatment. People coming and going here were either rich or powerful. They were famous for accepting politicians or dignitaries.

Sitting opposite to the young couple, Isla began to look at them carefully.

With a cold face, Terence actually smiled at Violet, which made Isla feel magic. What's more, he cut the steak by himself and fed it to her mouth piece by piece.

The careless girl was good at accepting his offensive tenderness. They laughed and had fun together.

Jordan tutted and he said to himself," It's not that I don't like Terence, I just want Isla to be gentle to me too."

Isla glared at Jordan. Isla almost forgot the big thing just now. How dare he make requests now?

Jordan Luo coughed and looked away.

Isla took another look at them.

Judging from Terence's tone and behaviors, Isla could tell that he really cared about Violet, given that he didn't treat her like a plaything.

Although Violet had married to Terence, she seemed not to know how powerful the man she had married was. Isla did not know much about Violet's past story because of her own emotional crisis.

She only knew that Violet Tang and Evan Lin broke up after graduation and then the boy went abroad.

Now, Evan was on the way back. As far as she knew, Evan hadn't given up on Violet. And obviously, Violet wasn't indifferent to him.

If they met in one day, Isla could imagine how her powerful cousin would destroy the world.

Isla was very worried about Violet's future situation, but as a party involved, Violet did not realize it at all. Instead, she ate steak calmly with a smile on her face.

"Violet, you idiot!"

Isla scolded.

In an instant, Isla felt a cold gaze fall on her.

Sensing the deep meaning behind Terence's words, Isla lowered her head in frustration.

It occurred to her that Evan Lin maybe had already found a beautiful girl abroad, who had blonde hair and blue eyes. Maybe the girl was seduced by the man's seduction.

Although Violet's marriage was bizarre, as a married woman, with the status of family Gu, Isla thought that Evan Lin dared not to mess around.

Thinking of this, Isla felt much better.

After the lunch, Terence was going to teach Violet how to play golf. Isla had seen the affection in his eyes, so she wasn't worried about Violet. Not to mention that both of them were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Both of them were of the same ilk.

Most importantly, she didn't want to stay a little longer in front of him. God knew why the man who was gentle to Violet was so cold to them, the common people.

Isla politely refused Violet's invitation to play with her and then went back to her shop. Jordan Luo also followed her.

Under the bright sun, Violet was playing for a while, then she felt uncomfortable, so she stopped.

Terence kindly wiped her sweat and took her to the car. After taking her home and taking a shower, Terence felt much better after a sleep.

When she woke up, the lights had been on, and the appetizing smell from the kitchen aroused Violet's appetit


Looking at the dim street lamp, Violet's eyes were covered with a layer of mist. When she thought of the young man who was in a place far away, her heart was in a faint pain.

Terence had planned to wake up Violet and ask her to have lunch, but he didn't expect him to see such a scene.

She turned her back to him and looked out of the window. Her little body was hidden in the dark and looked lonely and helpless. The air around her was thick with sorrow, which made his heart slip for a second.

When they was in the hall this afternoon, Terence noticed that Violet's expression was a little different, but he could not find the reason.

He had never seen such Violet, as if she had lost the power of youth in an instant, and was no longer the tender little wife in his arms.

This thought terrified him. Before he had time to find out what was going on, Violet suddenly turned around and asked worriedly

"Does Jordan Luo really like Isla?"

Terence Gu breathed a sigh of relief.

He embraced Violet with one hand, caressed the hair on her forehead, and patiently told her the story between Isla and Jordan.

Violet swallowed with fear. This man was so thoughtful that even her slight mood fluctuation could not escape his eyes.

She was ashamed of his tenderness.

Even though she didn't know much about him before, she could tell from the man's imposing manner that he was a man with great success and power. A playboy who was involved in gossip.

Isla said that she was stupid. She also understood that marrying such a man suffered much more than she imagined.

But she had no choice.

The impact that had brought to her four years ago almost struck her family to the bottom. She could not do such a thing again as to give up her parents for the sake of love.

She had already known that Evan would be back.

A month ago, an overseas e-mail exploded in her heart. There was no signature and address on the e-mail. But five words were plain and spread all over her heart.

"I will go back next month."

At that moment, she was a little scared.

She was afraid that the fortress she had built for four years would collapse in an instant.

She was afraid that his appearance would change her peaceful life again.

She was afraid of a repeat of the tragedy of four years ago.

The appearance of Terence Gu was like a life-saving straw that she grabbed instinctively.

Violet had prepared herself for whatever would happen. She wouldn't care no matter how many girlfriends he had. Because she did not love him, she could accept him without jealousy.

She felt that she was living a happy life now with parents who loved her very much, a husband which loved her, and a stable and smooth job. And a group of friends.

When love returned to marriage, eventually it became plain, but the one who loved might not be able to get married. In fact, this was somewhat against the definition of love, but it was the most realistic thing.

She didn't love Terence, so she got married on a whim. She just wanted to escape from the problem of the marriage. If there was no love between them in her life, she wanted them to live a peaceful life.

Holding him gently, Violet felt his fresh breath, which calmed her restless heart.

'What should I do? It seems that I am a little greedy for his tenderness?'

What Violet didn't know was that her life turned upside down like a hurricane with Evan Lin coming back. And she realized that she couldn't get away with someone she shouldn't provoke.

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